Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Avengers… the monster outshines the heartthrobs

I admit I’m bias to Ironman because he’s my favorite among The Avengers and Chris Evans is my crush so let’s say that Capt. America is special too.  Definitely, it’s a treat for me to see both Ironman (played by Robert Downey) and Captain America in one movie. However, surprisingly, it’s not only them that I notice.
                If you’re into superhero, sci-fi or fantasy adventure movies, The Avengers is definitely for you. Each one of the characters has something to offer.  I didn’t watch Thor (Chris Hemsworth), I didn’t know Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and the only thing I know about Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was she’s part of Ironman 2. Nevertheless, they had important parts and they were very entertaining to watch in the film.  As the only woman, Black Widow was not a muse but femme fatale.  At last, there’s a work of Johansson that I like.
                Actually, I have questions with regard the whole thing about S.H.I.E.L.D.   I’m sort of lost when it comes to details and some characters.  And I find it corny that the main four avengers realized to join force only after Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) died, what’s with this guy?  But that’s okay I don’t concentrate on that because even the minor loopholes and boring parts were forgivable and forgettable.
                My favorite parts were almost all about Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo.  His Hulk (the character played before by Eric Bana and Edward Norton) was different because it’s seriously comedic. I laughed when he punched Thor when they landed side by side, when he woke up Ironman by his loud growl, when he smashed the giant fish like space ship, when Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk’s human alterego) arrived in the battle area by his rusty scooter, and when he alternately tosses Loki (Tom Hiddleston).  For the first time he’s not the lost and helpless hero, he’s funny and in control.
                But I also like when Ironman and Thor fought, when Capt. America’s leadership ruled, when Hawkeye shoot his arrow without looking, and Black Widow fought Hawkeye when he still under spell of Loki.  
                There were so many fight scenes but you can’t say they are too much or too little.  And in fact, it's good thing that there’s no so much romantic scene (oh well I like Ironman and Pepper's -Gwyneth Paltrow- tandem) for it might spoiled the entire thing although it still has human touch. 

In reality, it is indeed very hard to join different individuals specifically if they’re achievers.  If you are the moderator, you respect their superb qualities and you don’t want to mess with them. But somehow if they  too demanding and very consistent about it, in the long run you might lose your admiration to them.  

Because of being proud of who they are individually, many possible things turn into impossible and immaterial. There are groups that have strong members but never win even a single battle and that’s because of lack of teamwork.  And teamwork is not about politics, it’s about contributing what you have and willingness to be either follower or leader for the greater good. 


  1. The Avengers is a fantastic movie and I agree with everything you said here. Great post!

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    2. Hi Dan and welcome in my blog!

      First, thank you for your visit and thank you that you appreciate my sentiment about the movie!

      The Avengers is really one of the cool & huge films of 2012.


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