Friday, May 11, 2012

Confession of a Shopaholic

I don’t know about the book where it was based, but Confession of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher is a feel-good kind of movie.  I love the bright colors of the outfits and set designs that are helpful to make Rebecca Bloomhood (Fisher) shines like no other. Though you'll hate to become a shop maniac like her, you’ll love Rebecca's spontaneous and charming personality.
      When it was shown in theater in 2009, I wasn’t excited to watch it. I was one of those who thought that it’s all about shopping. You know what to expect it in the plot.  And after three years, here I am, shopped all the beautiful features of this movie. What are they?
·                Since I’m a lady,  I confessed I think I’m in love with Luke Brandon played by Hugh Dancy.  Well he’s the typical boss that you go gaga for.  What’s the best about him? He’s gentleman, principled, and absolutely good looking.  I don’t know Hugh Dancy before, but definitely I’ll associate him with Luke, my ideal man, next to Marc Darcy of Bridget Jone’s Diary.
·                Apart from ridding the compulsive buying disorder, the movie also discussed the world of magazine and newspaper if not journalism.  You’ll see how stiff the competition in this field and the world behind the glamour and prestige.  Although of course there are parts that happen only in imagination. 
·                I also like how Bloomwood tried her luck in becoming a financial advisor in her column.  It’s a challenge since she’s shopaholic but she hilariously overwhelmed the odds since she’s good in writing and giving advice.
·                  I don’t know ,but I can’t think of any wrong point in the film- from casting to cinematography. It’s not  that it is  the best movie ever but definitely it will not be a bad or so-so Hollywood film.   Its must have for those who like to watch chick flick.
                I’m far from being shopaholic but seeing someone who is addicted to buying or shopping is hard to understand if not acceptable. Of course there lucky individuals who can afford to buy. You can’t blame them if they can buy and you can’t. Period.
                The wrong about being shopaholic is the other bad traits that may come with it - like being greedy, lying, being in debt, wasting and unsatisfied.  If you just buy for the sake of buying and get the dress to throw it later without maximizing its purpose, you don’t know how to appreciate beauty. Rid it once and for all.
                In Confession of Shopaholic, I find it that the main character clouded her mind that shopping is the best medicine in her life and to solve her frustration.  See, it’s in the mind not in your whole being. The person that really helps you, whatever you disorder is, is only you.  You can seek others to help you but you must also help yourself. Know what’s important in your life, which are actually simple things that you don’t need to shop- like friendship and love.   

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