Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Magic of Movies

Every day we have our own scenes. Every day we throw lines that if not from our mind, come from our hearts. Every day we face different personas and their roles are dynamic. Every day we act and react according to intangible script of our own life, that’s full of adlib, twists and turns.
                Despite of this, most of us are fond of watching other lives. They are manmade personified by people that are being paid to do that.  We can live without them but their presence is very hard to ignore. Maybe because they salvage our moments of agony, uplift our moral belief, and challenge our philosophy.
                 Of course there are some that’s not funny, not entertaining and you want to forget that you see. Nevertheless, that’s part of your gamble in life… to see the beauty and ugliness, veracity & imagination, others and yours story in small screen.
                Welcome to my Reel & Real, the blog that does not only give reviews but also reflections of movies. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments and suggestions. Just like a real moviegoer, we all want to have something to learn or feel after we watch a film.
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