Monday, June 11, 2012

Rapace saved Prometheus

                If I wasn’t dragged to watch Prometheus in Gateway (Cubao, Quezon City), I don’t think I’m gonna watch this science fiction film starring Noomi Rapace (Lizbeth Salander of Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Charlize Theron (Evil Queen Ravenna of Snow White and the Huntsman), Michael Fassbender ( Magneto of XMen: Origin).
                And I don’t thank or hate my companions for inviting to watch this film because after all it’s not a bad film. It just that it’s not my type or whatever.  But let me tell you what I find boring and interesting.
                Boring parts:  

  • ·         The scenes after humanoid aliens dropped in the ocean. Since I was already tired and bored that moment, I just realized that I’m already sleeping.
  • ·         Being a support and villain, Theron's character and acting was not something to look forward for, if you gonna watch this film because of her. It was far below the level of her character and performance in Snow White.
  • ·         I guess they wanted David to be as interesting as possible though he’s android. For me he’s just a robot who looked like human – a pretentious human.
  • ·         There no so interesting parts inside the tunnel or the mountain they went to. Even the props of dead alien corpse and jars of black liquid.

Interesting parts:

  • ·         What saved the movie in my eyes was the character and portrayal of Rapace. I like Elizabeth Shaw’s desire to survive when she took out the baby alien in her tummy through machine. As in that was wow for me!
  • ·         I like the love and the bond between Elizabeth and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green). If I’m going to focus with the look of Rapace and Marshall-Green, I might not be convinced that they fitted to each other. However, their characters and acting made their love team perfect on screen. It just sad that Charlie died.

Prometheus is a movie about journey in outerspace to find the engineer of human kind.  What keeps this mission is the faith of people to meet their creator.
It’s not only about long journey but also its complicated to know the truth when it comes to faith.  Science has own explanation of things while religion relies in mere belief.  For me what’s important is never lose your faith no matter or wherever your desire drags you. Because in this world, you’ll know different things that will cloud how you see things and how you feel inside.
Though we have questions in others action, we have no choice but respect their decision.  All we can do is to guide them or pray that they find the truth they're looking for.  

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