Friday, June 29, 2012

Rock of Ages...Kudos to Tom Cruise

According to reports, Rock of Ages’ box office performance is not great and it has negative reviews. Maybe those facts are notable but they never hindered me to try to see the movie starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Akerman, Russell Brand, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, and Tom Cruise.

  • ·            Of all the musical movies that I already watch (Nine, R.E.N.THigh School  Musical,  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street, Phantom of The Opera,  Evita, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and Hairspray), it is only Rock of Ages that has the songs that I already know.  In fact, what’s exciting about watching it, is to guess the song and sing along with the characters.

  • ·              I know that Zeta Jones is veteran when it comes to musical since she already did Chicago (with Richard Gere and Rene Zellewegar). As the stiff mayor’s wife who wants to demolish the rock clubs in their area, mainly The Bourbon Room, she’s tough and bitter there.  She’s aging but she’s still beautiful for me (since The Mask of Zorro days).

  • ·               I saw several movies where Akerman, Brand and Baldwin were part of the cast.  In this movie, even if they just the supports, I appreciated their performances more.

  • ·              It is given that the main selling point of Rock of Ages is Tom Cruise who portrayed Stacey Jaxx, he is- indeed!  It is not only because he’s the superstar and he did something different this time, but because you know he did give justice to his job. From outfit, to acting and singing, Cruise rocks on.

  • ·         Julianne Hough (played Sherrie Christian) is a beautiful and talented artist but I don’t think she’s suited to this movie. It is maybe because of the quality of her voice. Every time she sings it feel like I’m watching Glee.

  • ·         I just discovered that Rock of Ages is Diego Boneta's (played Drew Boley) biggest project so far in Hollywood. He’s actor and singer in Mexico and he launched his first album also in Brazil, Chile and U.S.A.  I hope he will have more projects to come as he’s young talented handsome new actor ready for stardom.

  • ·         Apart from Hough, the continuity or the flow of the story is the reason why the movie is not so polish for me.  It is clear that Drew has dream, Sherrie is struggling, Dennis Dupree’s (Baldwin) business problem, Patricia Whitmore’s (Zeta-Jones) aims, and Jaxx’s notorious personality. The thing is they are like important ingredients put together in one bowl. There’s maybe no proper mixture and you can’t explain the taste. Anyway, that’s the way I look it as reviewer not as viewer.  

The ultimate question is what happiness is for you? Do you find it by just simply achieving your biggest dream?  Are you ready to sacrifice things or people around you to be happy? How sure you are if you are really happy about yourself or in your condition right now?

Stacee Jaxx is an epitome of a man who got it all except of one thing, satisfaction in life.  

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