Monday, July 2, 2012

9...points for Plummer

I’m a little bit freak when it comes to picking numbers- be in code, rank, or date. I have superstition that there’s lucky numbers or even colors, that you should use depending on your intention or what do you want to have.  So I’m very curious about Nine, the animated film- Why the characters named after numbers? Why of all the numbers, 9 is the top creature in the film?

 I was oriented that one of the producers of 9 was Tim Burton. So I’m a little bit excited because I’ve seen some of his old flicks (Edward Scissorhand is my favourite) and I perceived him as the man with wild but entertaining imaginations.  There was part of him in the film but not much. Anyway, he’s not the creator but his protégé Shane Acker, so it should be different.
9 was balance especially in tackling emotions and effects. Most prominent of all was of course was about loving friends.  Each of the characters (1-9) had distinct traits but they had common goal- to protect each other. Even 1, the arrogant leader, decided to sacrifice his life in the end to get the talisman from the beast.  Then, there’s also thrill, action and drama.
         The voices were so-so, but I like the voice of 9 (Elijah Wood), 1 (Christopher Plummer), and 2 (Martin Landau). I admire Jennifer Connelly (her beauty and acting in He’s Just Not That Into You) but here, I don’t know, it seemed her voice was underacting. It was so different when I’m listening to Plummer’s voice, I’m so mad with 1 and I look at him as a real old pathetic creature- so he was very effective.
         If being balance was the best trait of the movie, I think it was also the minus point especially if you like something extreme and exaggerated. It was sort of below the level of what we usually see in other animated films or anime.
         For me, 9 was very satisfactory for I was moved by the message, characters and dilemma of the movie. Ah, 1, I don’t wanna be like you! I rather move and take the risk than to stay in the darkness because of fear.  But if Nine would be a T.V. series, Acker should add other elements.

          It is sad to note that sometimes what we’ve created is also the one that destroys us like gossip, pride, or technology. In fact, there are people who are running from their own ghosts. 
         Maybe we have minimal good intention at first, but not all good intention can be as good as the result. So be careful in what will you create and what will you do. Think first for there are decisions that turn into depressions, frustrations, and even separations.
       However, if you are already in the state of catastrophe, face your fear and scout for your sanity. If you could create that turned into something bad, you can also create something good, beautiful and valuable. Thank God you are human!  

…and I wanna thank also a friend who shared this movie to me. Mabuhay! 

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