Saturday, August 11, 2012

Death Note (Live action Japanese Film)…anime comes to life

Will you agree that it’s difficult to have life than to die? Yes it is sad that maybe all your efforts during your lifetime can end in a snap of fingers-
a. if you get serious illness,
b.died in an accident
c.or someone unfortunately kill you.

How about just writing your name in a piece of paper and you’ll have to bid good bye to this world?
a gift from a friend  who urged me to watch it 


               I have friends from different groups who suggested to me to watch Death Note. And I don’t know that they also referring to different version of it, as there’s manga, anime series and film. But what I got was the live action film series starring Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami, Kenichi Matsuyama as L, and Erika Toda as Misa Amane.  And if I’m not mistaken this is the very first Japanese live action film that I watch. (I always miss Eiga Sai film festival.)
                Honestly, I don’t know want to say and I don’t know if I’m eager to watch the anime series to compare. I don’t know if Fujiwara and Matsuyama’ acting prowess are good or the entire movie is beautiful or ugly. It’s like everything is weird and unnatural for me.  Though, it’s fun watching it and how the story grows from unexplainable death, mysterious and interesting agent, reapers that look rock stars, a merciless person who puts justice in his hand and lies after lies. What's really commendable about it is you’ll not stop watching 'till you find out how they solve the case of Kira.     

               Even without watching the anime or manga version, you can really tell that there are master pieces for particular medium only. You can accept wild story and peculiar characters in those media as it is, right? I’m not saying this is for Death Note live action film only, but in general perspective (this is also what I don’t like in some Asian series based in manga or anime).  I like the smile of Fujiwara but his character Light and Kira are not likeable in many ways. You can’t tell what’s going on his personality, what his real purpose is and how far he can go. He’s insane for me.
            On the other hand, L looks ordinary creepy man trying hard to be the weirdest genius agent for me- yes, sort of over the top. But I like L in the spin-off movie of Death Note or L: Change the World. He’s still the creepy, maniac of sweet foods, cool typist and candidate for osteoporosis there, but you can sympathize with him wholeheartedly. Yes he’s lovely in that film and the story line is believable in a way.

        As whole, the idea of Death Note is very interesting and the kind of person who’s writing on it. I think I need to see the manga and anime version. 


It’s tempting to use death note if you have it. But I agree with L’s point of view:
“No matter how gifted you are, you alone cannot change the world but that’s the wonderful thing about this world.”

      Sure we have our own enemies and people we hate that we wish to erase in this world. But ideally, who are you to kill people when in fact you are also a criminal and sinner. Who are you to give justice when you are unfair?
     The idea of justice can be imperfect too. Because the one who thought about it is also not perfect – human. Let the Divine intervention and fate do the thing. There so many forms of justice apart from killing, such as having life full of misery and guilt. Criminals and bad people can’t be happy as peaceful and good people. 

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