Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liberty Ross is Like Luisa Contini of Nine

Maybe's she's part of the cast of Snowhite and the Hunstman but Liberty Ross has captured the attention of everyone when Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sander's fling scandal became leading news all over the world.

She and Robert Pattinson get sympathy as they are the victims of this controversy, but according to some reports prior from the big news, she already confessed that she's a struggling wife and mom as her husband is always out. She's like a picture of beautiful woman with promising career or future but "take out it all" just to be with the man she loves and trusts.

Then, I just realized that her story is similar to Luisa Contini the character played by Marion Cotillard  in musical film, Nine.  Luisa's Italian husband Guido Contini is a successful director too with a very complicated lifestyle. He's famous, prone to temptation of girls and focused in the demand of his career. His life story is colourful and magnificently showed in a musical way from a young naughty boy to a man in his midlife crisis

Nine is an adaptation from a musical play and brought to film in 2009. Guido was played by Daniel Dey-Lewis ( Gangs of New York and soon in Lincoln) and the girls in his life was portrayed by A-list actresses in Hollywood - Nicole Kidman ( Moulin Rouge & The Hours) as actress Claudia, Stacy Ferguson (of Black Eyed Peas) as prostitute Saraghina, Judi Dench (Casino Royale Quantum of Solace) as friend Lilli, Penelope Cruz as mistress Carla, Kate Hudson as reporter Stephanie), Sophia Loren (Momma Continni)  and Cotillard. 

The movie was a vehicle to showcase the other side of Hudson (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), Cruz (Vanilla Sky) and Cotillard (Inception & Dark Night Rises). Till now, whenever I see the video of Hudson's number Cinema Italianno, I'm still mesmerized in her. 
 Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson

And I can't help but to feel sad about Luisa Continni and touched by Cotillard performances in her two emotional and moving production numbers.  These two showed how much she gave up and how desperate it was to love someone like Guido. Now what I see in these pictures is not only Marion but also the image of Liberty Ross.

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