Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love Sick…a rom-com film to revive your belief in love

Ariel Lin is my favourite Taiwanese actress. I followed her TV projects such as It Started with a Kiss, Love Contract, They Kiss Again, Tokyo Juliet, The Little Fairy, and Legend of Condor Heroes. In fact, it was They Kiss Again that outranked Meteor Garden in my heart.  On the other hand, Love Sick or Love Phobia is the first movie of her that I’m able to watch.

What distinguishes Lin Yi Chen (her Chinese name) from other Taiwanese actresses is she tries to be different in every project she does. She can be naïve, empowered, boyish, girlish, modern or traditional. This is amazing given in terms of her typical physical features. Look, you know that there are other more beautiful Taiwanese stars that can be chameleon but don’t try to be versatile.   


Ariel Lin’s kind of comedy.  

Compared to what I thought before Love Sick is not a drama but instead a romantic-comedy film. She’s paired with Bolin Chen, her partner also in drama series In Time With You, here.  Though she’s known in her dramatic side, Ariel is also good in comedy or let’s says she has comedic timing.  Like in It started with a Kiss, she seriously funny her even without being slapstick. 

But I think apart from her acting prowess it is more of the kind of the character given to her.  Tina Liang is messed girl who became man-hater after her first love (played by Li Yi Feng) dumped her for his career as a pop star. Tina’s aunties influence her to do nasty things to guys because according to them true love doesn’t exist.  She’s very diligent in this idea but not until Dr. Li (Bolin Chen’s role) appeared in her life.    

Tina is similar to Ariel’s role in Love Contract - Xiao Feng where she was paired with Mike He.  But in this movie she doesn’t need to be a boyish and wear wigs to say the world, hey I’m a man hater. Maturity in her character and costume made it way different and funnier. But I like her more in LC as she seems so natural there.   

The typical boy next door type

Bolin, who has other name Wilson Chen, and his role is both lovely. It’s not something that make you believe in the impossible because although Dr. Li is famous and genius, he’s been presented like any ordinary guy you know. He’s clumsy and doting brother, which by the way, both admirable and boring for me.  Boring because, I already see this stuff in other movies and they give you better version of him.  Bolin is like any boy next door you know. He’s charming but he’s not the head turner type. Let’s see if he has other roles or movies.

Screenplay has good flow but not innovative

Well, if you are looking for something fresh in rom-com genre skip Love Sick. It’s typical as mentioned earlier especially from the people surrounding the lead female character to the body of story. She has adorable prince charming, sexy and supportive best friends, and bad influence aunties.

But what made it cool is because of its cinematography, fashion or costume, and supporting cast. It’s softening to see old people laughing, a handicapped girl finding inspiration to do her passion again, and how old ladies act like funny girls.  Tina’s aunties maybe typical antagonists but they are not something you will erase in the movie. They are remarkably outstanding even overwhelm in the lead characters. I like them!

Given that you’ve been hurt before and there so many people who can break your heart, I think it still better to believe in the magic of love. Fear and hate, can make you stronger but not make you happy. Don’t fall in the idea that love doesn’t exist because if you do, you are a living dead.
And remember God is Love!  


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