Saturday, August 4, 2012

Step Up Revolution…Clever production numbers

      Though I’m fond of Step Up 1 and Step UP 2: The Streets  (these two are part of my movie collection), I didn’t like Step UP 3D in so many reasons that’s why my expectation for Step Up 4: Revolution was less than the usual. It looked more of the stunts in trailer and I like Streetdance 2 (made in UK).
       Apart from constant companions, it helped that I have friend who’s into dancing as well so I though I’m not eager to watch- we talked, invited more friends, bought tickets and watched the film.  Anyway, I like dancing films in general so go-go-go!

  • Though the story is not that appetizing, Step UP 4 will drive you crazy when it comes to their dance concepts or numbers.  As in from costume, production design, choreography and dancers – two thumps up. There’s no ugly among them but of course you can choose which the best is. 
  • For me, the most creative is when they MOB the art gallery and so far, it’s also the most extravagant number in a dancing film that I ever see. Everything on it is worth to watch.  
  • Next to most creative and full of life, is the second to the last dance finale, when all dancers including the cameo of my favorite Adam Sevani (as Moose) and Mari Koda ( both from Step Up 2) performed near in seaport.  Look at the stunts, so amazing!
  • In choreography, I like the simple and elegant steps they make in the restaurant.  They only move around in one table but still superb.
  • Maybe because of generic plot or story, why everything about the lead characters Emily Anderson (Kathryn McCormick) and Sean (Ryan Guzman) are not appealing. Even when they kiss, I feel nothing. Emliy’s story is like a combination of Jody (played Amanda Schull) of Center Stage and Sarah Johnson (portrayed by Julia Stiles) of Save the Last Dance. McCormick is good in dancing but it looks like she’s not graceful enough as she’s heavy on screen.  It’s noticeable when she dances ballet and when Guzman lifts her. However, they both attractive for me. Guzman has killer abs! yohoho!
  • By the way, the visual artist who's part of the MOB and doesn't speak is so cool in his panting and sculpture!


       Sean gives Emliy a note telling here that sometimes it’s good to break the rule. I agree with that especially when it comes to art like dancing, music or singing, painting and others.
        Though there’s standard technique and tried & tested examples there’s always room for reinvention, innovation and strange ideas. Art is not only about science, it’s also psychology, communication and so on so forth. It starts with how you communicate your ideas along with the system/technique to how you expand it to something better.
       Notice that in every competition especially those about singing, judges choose winners not only because they good in singing but how they are as total form of art.     

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