Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Means War…a chic flick love triangle

Whenever I think of singlehood one of the tunes that comes to my mind is All The Love of the World by The Corrs.  Because when you are single and happy about it, you seem contented with everything in your life. That’s good, but of course you can’t deny the fact that even you have good career, nice friends, and healthy family and enjoy your pastimes- You like to find someone that accompany and love you.

But why is that from zero you get two or more persons for your love life?  I mean when you finally see someone special, another one comes and they are both after your heart. Okay let me dedicate Torn BetweenTwo Lovers for this situation.


This Means War is top billed by Tom Hardy (Dark Knight), Chris Pine (Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement) and Reese Witherspoon (Cruel Intentions, Fear, Legally Blonde, and Walk The Line). The movie has typical story of love triangle where two men fall in love with the same woman.  The only complication is these men are best friends and partners as CIA agents.

Witherspoon is not beautiful for me (especially during the time she dated my former crush Jake Gyllenhaal)   but somehow I think she is as Lauren Scott. She’s lucky to have gorgeous men with superior qualities like Franklin Delano Roosevelt "FDR" Foster (Pine) and Tuck Hansen (Hardy). It was fun watching these two guys fighting and did ridiculous tactics to win her heart.  In the end, she made the right choice because he’s also my choice- be in physical appearance, charm and attitude.

This movie is definitely chic flick. Being CIA agents the two guys and their action packed scenes are not alluring enough to male audience. Watch this film without expectation just to have fun.


I agree with Laurence’s best friend played by TV personality Chelsea Handlerit is okay to love two men but to fall in love with that’s not good. It might be fun at first but eventually someone will get hurt in the end and even that’s in between.

It’s like a game or something that you have to finish and win. It’s not always advisable to stay in the safe area because if you do there’s no tomorrow for your love life or it may be doom in the end. 

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