Friday, August 24, 2012

Total Recall…sci-fi action film of attractive stars

I was very young when I watched the first version of science fiction action flick Total Recall (TR) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone.  I didn’t understand the story but what I remember in that film were their trip in Mars and when Schwarzenegger saw a prostitute showing him her three breasts.  


  • Two decades has passed but still it’s hard to understand the core of the story but at least I’m able to appreciate the futuristic idea of it. You may wonder in between what’s going on and why he’s like that? However, I can say that in the films that I watched these past few months, TR is something different as it has forceful and rugged appeal in my eyes. Maybe it is because of the cinematography, setting or the costumes of the characters. Len Wiseman (the director) is good in giving color tone as theme of the film just like what he did in Underworld series.  

Total Recall 2012 starring Colin Farrell

  •  Like also in Underworld, Kate Beckinsale is the same femme fatale in TR. It’s my first time to see her to take villain role and she's very effective.  Definitely, if you’re a guy you will fall to her trap and you don’t want to mess around with her. I understand why Douglas Quaid/Carl Hauser (played by Colin Farrell) can’t believe she’s an enemy initially and also has no choice but to kill her in the end. Lori (her character) is really a frightful and very persuasive undercover agent.
  •  Before Jessica Biel (played Melina) is someone I just know. Okay I watched few scenes of her in 7th Heaven and she’s the fiancĂ©e of famous Justin Timberlake, but in this movie I appreciate her beauty and acting. She's both desperate and fighter herione in the story. 
  •  I admit that Colin Farell is one of the handsome movie stars in Hollywood. In TR, he’s the heartthrob action star who takes your breath away- if you are woman and someone you want to be look like if you are a man. You will follow his bouts because you can't get enough of his charm and his longing for himself.
As an actor I don’t think this flick is the right vehicle to judge if Farrell is good in acting. He’s drama scenes are very minimal because what you really see is him running, falling, and fighting.  May I emphasize that he has many falling scenes but it seems he doesn't feel pain nor has bad fall.
He's good in this movie and it is safe to say that he has already own brand of action or movies,  but I wish to see him  in super hero or other mind-bending flicks like what Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, or Michael Douglas do. By the way, I like him in Daredevil (starring Ben Afleck) where he played Bullseye.      

Total Recall (1990) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger 

  •  TR has good special effects, action scenes and milieu. I like the idea of telephoning and watching videos just only using your palm. Imagine how convenient it is and you will not worry that you might lose your mobile phone. (Though I think it is very painful to install that gadget in your hand. And since it is technology, imagine that you need to upgrade it once in a while. What you gonna do if you like to change your unit or upload files? Where you gonna insert the memory card?   Hehehe!)

            The film also offers the ideas that what if you are transporting via core of the earth, you can recall your past or reimagine what you like, and what it looks like if there’s World War III.    


Though Bill Nighy has very brief scenes, his character Mathias Lair is very important in the story and has meaningful dialogue that gives deeper definition in the word Recall.

Remember that Quaid’s memory was replaced by something else and he’s eager to bring back what he loses? Lair told him something like past is not important or just a concept. Maybe what he’s trying to imply is what we look forward is the future. He also said that what’s inside in Quaid’s heart is what matters and what he is.  But Quaid is also right by telling Lair that’s his past is the cause of what he is right now.  

In my part, I’d like to use my past to motivate myself to work hard right now and plan for my future. But  deeply, I don’t like recalling past whether it is good or bad. I don’t know, I just don’t like to dwell in things that already a closed chapter.  I even don’t like to listen to some old songs that bring back memories or dreaming someone and something that belong in my younger years.

Because when you are recalling, it’s not only your mind that is wondering but also your heart. 

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