Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taken 2… being compulsive is still thrilling

Who said that an old man can't do death defying and heart pumping scenes, effectively? Liam Neeson (Shining Through and Clash of the Titans) proves in Taken 1 and 2 that you don't need young hot actor to enjoy action film. His character and portrayal as a father who wants to save his daughter from bad elements was enough reason to follow his quest in the first sequel of Taken 1.

Taken 2

Some of my friends, who already saw the movie before I did, said that Taken 1 is better than the latest one.  I can't blame them because more or less, you know the framework of the story even if this time Bryan (Neeson)'s ex housewife( played by Famke Janssen -Jean Gryy of X Men movie series) is the victim.


I still enjoy Taken 2 and I don't think it's behind from Taken 1. The flow of story is still thrilling. It's clean and easy to grasp.

Bryan has full of admirable traits- being a loving father, a concerned former partner, and man who has odd but admirable thinking.

I think he's best trait which is being obsessive compulsive is both asset and liability. This is an asset for his work as a security marshal and for his family especially to his daughter Kim (played by Maggie Grace- Breaking Dawn & Murder in Greenwich) who is prone to kidnapping and human trafficking. It becomes liability for some people because it's not normal thing for everyone. In a way, I can't believe in his accuracy when it comes to calculation but who knows maybe there's someone who can really do that.
 taken 1
I actually like the sequence when he instructing his daughter to find location. I like that plus the tools that she uses in the map and where to throw the grenades so he can hear it, are already mapped out in his mind. That's while he still in the miserable situation under his captors.

My friends said that Maggie Grace matured fast- that she looks older to her mother. Maybe she is but I don't think she is ugly or look old. She is pretty and witty as Bryan's daughter. Her character is realistic and definitely not pathetic. She knows what and who she loves with or without connection to her father. In fact, she's a good sidekick to her father. They have healthy relationship even if their situation as a family is not ideal.

On the other hand, Bryan's wife is the typical woman for me.  Indeed, she is beautiful loving mother and a lady in distress but overall I don't think she is interesting. Although the actress gives what she can for the role that is also demanding in terms of emotion and physical aspects.
The milieu is not that extravagant. However, you'll see a glimpse of Istanbul, Turkey -the ordinary lifestyle there and how its people cared to each other. Maybe this part comes in bad light in the movie but that’s only for the sake of spice in the story. But in real life, it's admirable and so you'll hate and understand the villains. Especially the archenemy in the story, he just wants justice for his son. And I understand that even if your son did bad thing why he was killed


Most of the time we neglect the people around us but in truth we are so dependent to them.  Like our relation to our parents, we insist our own view against their will but when tough situation comes we are shouting their names.

Kim is like any daughter good thing she has loving and protective father and it also good thing that she gives importance to her father. Even there are times that she doesn’t understand his father’s action, she end with following every instruction he’s saying.

I guess it boils down in the thought that I don’t like his saying but he’s my father and I love him so much.

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