Friday, November 23, 2012

The last bite of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2

Twilight Saga one of the few movie series that I’m able to watch in theaters from first to last part – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn part 1, and Breaking Dawn part 2.  Compare to other movie series I watched like Harry Potter, Kill Bill, and Spiderman, they become my favorite films but still I can say I was charmed by this saga and the stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke.


 If Twilight trapped me, Eclipse moved me and Breaking Dawn 1 met my expectation, Breaking Dawn 2 (BD2) satisfied my craving and tricked me as well. The latter didn't fail my fantasy though of course, not everything was perfect. (If you asked why I didn't include New Moon – it is because it’s the reason why I started to ask why I have to watch this movie)

Also in BD 2 Mr. Edward Cullen and Mrs. Bella Swan- Cullen ( Pattinson and Stewart) become more beautiful in my eyes. I don’t know if it’s in makeup or what, but they look amazing in this last installment. And though there’s undying intrigue about them because of the fling issue between Stewart and Rupert Sanders of Snow White and Huntsman, if you are so into them you’ll forget Bella and Edward’s alter egos.

whatever happened before BD2, I’m still convinced that Stewart is good actress if not amazing. You will not like her personality as whole but when she takes a role and act, you know she can deliver. There’s no magnificent scene of her in BD2 but she matures like Bella – being a wife and mother vampire.  Though it is hard for me to believe that Bella is good mother to Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy) knowing her being self-centered lass.  Anyway, maybe like her power to shield it is up to her who among she want to be part of her universe.

Speaking of her power, I was happy that her "shield power" can extend and protect to her loved ones. It was amazing thing against Jane’s (Dakota Fanning) power to perpetrate mental illusion of pain and also to others’ special talents. The only part that’s not appealing about her power was when Bella showed their past (scenes) to Edward. Mute-shield-protection- video clips what was that?

Edward is an ideal husband to any girls that’s the reason why his alter ego Pattinson captured many fans. Knowing this, you know that the actor is effective in his role from first to the last installment.  When it comes to physical, breeding and principle you wish he’s your spouse but as a man Edward is a little bit weak for me.   On the other hand, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is strong, striking and childish. But I guess, his character written to be in the shadow of Bella and Edward. And I'm not convinced with Lautner's acting and the way he showed  his love to Renesmee. It is not believable compare to Bella even there’s Imprinting issue in him.

Apart from the three main casts, I understand why Twilight fans also favored Alice (Ashley Greene), Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone), Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), but like what I said in the first paragraph I’m so into Charlie Swan (played by Billy Burke even in BD2.  Look who among the cast or what are the scenes that stands out when it comes to drama –

1.       Bella being the mother to Renesmee
2.       Alice’s wit to distract Aro ( Michael Sheen)
3.       Irina’s plea to Volturi and repentance

But if you scrap all those supernatural things, one part that will stand out is Charlie’s love for Bella as a father. His position is something unbearable especially if your daughter is Bella. LOL!

All in all the BD2 is cool in some special effects, scoring, twists and how it adapts the story from novel. I like what they did to convince Aro to stop he's harsh plan against Cullen’s league. It’s eerie at first but you appreciate later- that Alice’s vision. Now when it comes to that Renesme’s effects hmm I’m not fan of  but I can say that Foy is a cute girl.


        Going against to powerful individuals is really discouraging especially when you don’t have edge against them. Volturi being the authority to already extraordinary creatures is very frightening. But you know, even in that desperate situation you can’t hold back but to fight because you want to protect  your special someone or you want to stand for your right.

        Like David and Goliath story in the Bible, sometimes it’s not about size, background, popularity and other normal thing you see in the person, but it's  how far you can go and what power you can create out of your motivation.  For me wit is one strong weapon – it’s a gift that when you know how to maximize its potential, luck and success is almost in your hand.

Your emotion might fail you but don’t lose your wit and you’ll find way to achieve whatever you want. 

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