Wednesday, March 5, 2014

AbnkkabsnplaKO the & reflection

So far what I already read among Bob Ong’s books are ABNKKBSNPLAko and Lumayo ka nga sa akin. I’m neither a fan nor hater of him, but I recognize his power to Filipino readers which is commendable simply because not all Filipino (especially youth) are engrossed to reading.  So when I learned that Viva Films has movie adaptation of his book and it's top billed by Jericho Rosales, I swear that I should not miss this flick.

Interpretation: Unique work of Art

It was only in the movie house that film is directed by Mark Meily, one of the very few local directors that I like.  And for the nth time he didn't disappoint me in how he shares his vision in this film.  The cinematography is fine, the actors know their characters and the effects blend well in the  aura of what novels trying to visualize.

The truth is Bob Ong’s books are not fit for the big screen because they are satiric and too weird for general moviegoers. But if you can relate in the characters of the movie/ novel—I mean you are part of Bagets generation, reminiscing your school days and there’s Roberto ( Echo), Portia (Meg Imperial),   Yulo (Vandolph), and Special Someone (Andi Eigenmann) in you – this film is a must see for you.

Jericho acts naturally, Andi shines specially

I like Jericho as an actor, he’s talent shines when he’s into intense scenes.  In ABNKKBSNPLaKO, there’s no really intense sense like action or heavy drama. In fact, you can say that this piece is more of a feel good one.  But somehow he manages to make it appeals naturally intense so you’ll laugh when he did mistakes, feel sad when Special someone (SS) goes away or worried if he disappoints his doting mother (played by Bing Pimentel).

Between Portia and SS, I can relate to first. I’m not lesbian, but I think every girl has similar Portia experience – yes I’m talking about that first move for your first love/ crush. Meg acting is not so impressive for me because it looks like a little bit overacting in some scenes. I think she’s a good actress but being a lesbian doesn't suits to her. Vandolph, on the other hand, is simply Vandolph in the film.  He just called Yulo there.   About Andi, it is my first time to see her as special as someone you treat as Campus Crush ng Bayan.


One of the many things that this film wants you to learn is about valuing your time and the time of other people. It’s literally but nicely executed in the scene when Bob was late in his class and caught by his professor (played by Gino Padilla).

But generally, it this flick is for all students. Reminding them to cherish their education and the experience they will get from school. It is simply valuable for personality development. 

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