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The Magic of Movies

Every day, we have our own roles and scenes. Every day, we throw lines that if not from our minds, come from our hearts. Every day, we face different personas. Every day, we act and react according to our undefined intangible script , a divine direction that’s full of adlib, twists and turns.
                Despite of these, most of us are fond of looking for other stories of people/ creatures. They are manmade personified by actors.  We can definitely live without them, but absolutely they are hard to ignore because they salvage our moments of agony, uplift our spirit, and challenge our philosophy.
            Of course, there are some stories that are not funny, not entertaining and forgettable. Nevertheless, that’s part of our gamble in life… to put time, effort and money just to see the beauty and the ugliness, the veracity & the imagination, and the culture and the art in the small screen.
                Welcome to Reel & Real Flicks, the blog that does not only give reviews but also reflections of movies. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments or suggestions... because like a real moviegoer or movie fanatic, we are happy to share what we feel and learn from the film  that touched our senses. 

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My physical body is in the Philippines right now, but when my eyes focus in the small or big screen, it feels like i'm living in different places. 

I like watching movies and series a lot, apart from listening to different genre of music. 

However basically, I'm proud and promoting Filipino actors and singers. They are talented people who just need break. 

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