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Monday, June 9, 2014

Maybe This Time...Sarah Geronimo & Coco Martin

I know that Coco Martin is one of the hottest and award-winning actors of today's generation. IMHO, he slowly taking over Piolo Pascual's place, not because the latter star's fade away but Coco is just receiving almost same amount of followers during his peak.  But of all his award-winning independent films ( that I wish to see as well) and top rated teleserye, it is only third time in Maybe This Time where he paired with Sarah Geronimo I completely watch his acting skill.

Maybe with some other story

There were scenes in the film that made us laugh, giggle and could relate to.  But to be honest, I don't think this is the best movie yet of Coco or even Sarah. I don't know if I'm accustomed to see Sarah with John Lloyd Cruz ( A Very Special Love,  You Changed My Life, and It Takes a Man and a Woman)  but I think if  not they are  cool love tandem in the big screen, the story of the movie is not appealing.

All of Martin's followers  know that he's forte is acting. Perhaps it's because he came from family from poor and humble family before joining mainstream showbiz. And I don't know why I couldn't feel the sincerity of his being poor in the film. It's like he wasn't challenge to do it compare to his other movie Noy with Erich Gonzales. I even like more his character in Born To Love You with Angeline Quinto but yeah Maybe This Time is a certified box office hit compare  to the two other movies.

Hopefully his next movie will not be again emphasizing that he's guapo but too poor if his your lover. We already saw that in Walan Hanggan ( Julia Montes) at Ikaw Lamang ( with Kim Chiu).

About Sarah,  I heard someone said that she shows different acting here. For me almost, I prefer her confrontation scene with Ruffa Gutierrez , who's very good  here as a socialite lover of Coco. She's effective by the way.

The movie tells  about misunderstandings and taking risks for love. Life is simple actually in different aspects and angle but when it comes to love it seems everything become complicated. Ruffa's character Monica Valencia is a classic example of a woman who falls in love with a guy.  But she  finds hard to accepts him because of his background though she loves him.

Will you doubt if a person says she loves someone but wishing to change him?  Another question is will you change so you can be ready for your sweetheart? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

AbnkkabsnplaKO the & reflection

So far what I already read among Bob Ong’s books are ABNKKBSNPLAko and Lumayo ka nga sa akin. I’m neither a fan nor hater of him, but I recognize his power to Filipino readers which is commendable simply because not all Filipino (especially youth) are engrossed to reading.  So when I learned that Viva Films has movie adaptation of his book and it's top billed by Jericho Rosales, I swear that I should not miss this flick.

Interpretation: Unique work of Art

It was only in the movie house that film is directed by Mark Meily, one of the very few local directors that I like.  And for the nth time he didn't disappoint me in how he shares his vision in this film.  The cinematography is fine, the actors know their characters and the effects blend well in the  aura of what novels trying to visualize.

The truth is Bob Ong’s books are not fit for the big screen because they are satiric and too weird for general moviegoers. But if you can relate in the characters of the movie/ novel—I mean you are part of Bagets generation, reminiscing your school days and there’s Roberto ( Echo), Portia (Meg Imperial),   Yulo (Vandolph), and Special Someone (Andi Eigenmann) in you – this film is a must see for you.

Jericho acts naturally, Andi shines specially

I like Jericho as an actor, he’s talent shines when he’s into intense scenes.  In ABNKKBSNPLaKO, there’s no really intense sense like action or heavy drama. In fact, you can say that this piece is more of a feel good one.  But somehow he manages to make it appeals naturally intense so you’ll laugh when he did mistakes, feel sad when Special someone (SS) goes away or worried if he disappoints his doting mother (played by Bing Pimentel).

Between Portia and SS, I can relate to first. I’m not lesbian, but I think every girl has similar Portia experience – yes I’m talking about that first move for your first love/ crush. Meg acting is not so impressive for me because it looks like a little bit overacting in some scenes. I think she’s a good actress but being a lesbian doesn't suits to her. Vandolph, on the other hand, is simply Vandolph in the film.  He just called Yulo there.   About Andi, it is my first time to see her as special as someone you treat as Campus Crush ng Bayan.


One of the many things that this film wants you to learn is about valuing your time and the time of other people. It’s literally but nicely executed in the scene when Bob was late in his class and caught by his professor (played by Gino Padilla).

But generally, it this flick is for all students. Reminding them to cherish their education and the experience they will get from school. It is simply valuable for personality development. 

Bride for's Kim Again

After the success of Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush mo, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are back on big screen through their new romantic comedy film Bride for Rent.

Plot that's not new

Without mentioning any movie as an example, the story of Bride for Rent is definitely not new. Welcome the famous cliche of Rich boy meets poor girl and the need of hiring a woman to pretend as a wife.

Perhaps, if it's other love team and Star Cinema had no persuasive trailer I'll not bother to watch it.  Another factor is Kim and Xian's charisma.

Now if you look for something new, don't bother to line up in the nearest or fartest cinema in you- you'll 200 pesos can be use in something useful.

Kim strikes again

Kim and comedian-book author Ramon Bautista saved whatever flaws the movie got. Here, Kim  did give big contribution to make the  whole film working. She did slapstick and passable over acting spiels. But effective and selling especially if you like her. I do by the way. With Xian,  I can't feel something special or any greatness in his acting. He's just become lovelier because of his looks ( though I hate his hairdo) but acting wise no improvement.  Okay once in while he shouts, throw tantrums or stares.

I commend Pilita Corales (Lala of Xian) because she has super special role here like Empoy( bff of Xian).  The rest of the cast including Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans , Lloyd Zaragoza and others are just fine.


The angst of  Roco (Xian's character) boils down to deep disappointment. And it's true that the one that can hurts you most is also the one that you love the most.

I's really difficult to forgive- not only because of wrongdoings but also if the person is someone that is close to your heart.  Well,  life is a roller coaster ride.  We can't expect everyone acts in the same straight line in any situation.  We can't stop to yell, close our eyes or cry. So better to love, care, feel lost and learn to forgive.          


Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Takes A Man and A Woman...It's the Tandem

There's a long gap between the last movie the I watched  and It Takes A Man And A Woman. It may be that's the added factor why I exert effort to watch this movie in the big screen.  But  I guess, the major element why  I like this third installment of movie series of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo was because their movie and tandem exuded sunny aura. It's like if you're stressed, just watch them.


Nowadays, John Lloyd is the favorite leading men for young actresses. He had movies with Bea Alonzo ( One More Chance, Miss You Like Crazy and The Mistress), Toni Gonzaga ( My Amnesia Girl) and Angel Locsin ( Unofficially Yours) that were box office hits. I wonder what if he paired with Marian Rivera and Anne Curtis.  But it seems so far, his  team up with Sarah is what people clamors and I can't contest to that.
one more chance with Bea Alonzo
my Amnesia Girl with Toni Gonzaga
Unofficially Yours

The difference among It Takes..., You Change My Life and A Very Special Love, is that in It Takes   Sarah showed maturity in her role as Laida Magtalas and her acting while in the first two installments, you would like her because of her comedic timing. See her dialogue with John Lloyd in the elevator after she submitted her resignation letter and tell me what's your verdict.

Zoila and Company ( Matet De Leon, Gio Alvarez and Joross Gamboa) is also the staple ingredient of this movie franchise.  Actually, they can feat against  John Lloyd and Sarah when it comes to spiels.  I also like the idea that the older siblings of Miggy Montenegro (JLC) - Rowell Santiago, Johnny Revilla and Bing Pimentel- had longer exposure and at the same time showed their other sides. They even danced in this movie,huh!

If you're looking for JLC's deep acting scene then I recommend the one after he was kick out from the board and Laida found him in his father's mausoleum. But the best scenes in the movie that gave moral values were:
1. Laida's Mother ( Irma Adlawan) gave her advice about forgiveness
2. The taped video of Miggy's late father ( Dante Rivero)  where he explained the difference between being best and being good.

There were part of the movie that I found cheesy and unbelievable, like Laida being the cover story of new magazine. Well anyway, Laida is inspirational woman so that's fine.


One crucial problem that Laida encountered was when her father cheated on her mother. Her mother even went to her in New York. But surprisingly, Mrs. Magtalas forgave his father.  I agree that forgiving is difficult to do. Sometimes it's harder than loving someone. Hello there's love at first sight but not forgiveness at first glance.

But like happiness, a person can also choose to forgive. Sometimes, its not about ego, emotion or logic but just giving it to end a concern. Forgiveness was my dilemma too before, when my elder sister and I had rift that lasted 7 years. I was so sick and tired of her superiority complex, mood and unacceptable words that time. To tell, you those 7 years, felt like I had burden in my back that I'm always in the mode to fight and to feel less. I wished to end the rift but I couldn't claim defeat. Because I couldn't think of any bad things that I did to hurt her  in that one dark night.

But with people around us and may be because of our maturity, we just learn to let go the ill feeling. I wished I could castigate her before, but I preferred to keep silent in the end. Just to patch up whatever differences we had.  To this date, we're okay and chitchat once in a while.

In the end, what I can say forgiveness will set you free and will  make you totally move on with your life.