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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Song...I wish Miley did sing

I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but lately I appreciate her individuality. It is rare for a young girl who is real in her self and keep her sanity even if  she is exposed to fame, fortune, fans and all. I started to like her musicality when I heard her song The Climb. Maybe I should try to watch Hannah Montana to know her more after my Last Song review.


It's very plain and typical story that was my reaction all throughout of watching Last Song starring Miley, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, and Bobby Coleman. I really wished that she sang a lot in this film but she wasn't.

Though it  has typical story, boring screenplay and not impressive acting (beside Coleman who played Jonah), Last Song made me smile. It might be because of the thought that this was where Miley and Liam met or I just felt their young love right away.

Maybe its also because Miley was so natural in her character. I like her outfits even she looked stressful ( well because its a call for her character). She pouted he mouth, she let her hair down or up and she walked like no one was looking. It may not add to overall impact of the movie but it was cool act though.

If I watched this film when I was young, Last Song  could be nice. There were parent factor, little brother, girls who were after your beau, unsolicited admire, and hot loving sincere boyfriend. The thing is we already saw a lot of story  and characters like these in other films. So if you like, new kind of story about rebellious  teen girl better find something else. But if you like to just see Miley and Liam, this is good one.

By the way, I like their setting in the big aquarium.


Last Song tells about a young girl reconnecting to her father who she hated for leaving their family. Her parents separated because of their own differences, but they remain good to each other and parents. Ronnie (Miley) is like any girl out there who resort to pushing people away from her. She's in pain so don't mess with her. It should be everyone must follow her mood, decision and principle.

Though  its a must for human relation to understand each other, but being good starts in our self. You can't expect everything is gonna be good if you don't. It's reciprocal treatment especially if people around you are strangers and not your family. You can't blame others for not understanding you since you are showing your bad side. 

I understand that everyone can be rebellious  in some points but generally, being like this is practically unacceptable. It's like you are digging you own hole to fall. The best way is confront the people to express your emotion and so they know exactly what's running in your mind. If you can't do this at least find people who can help you, people who are good influence and will guide to heal your wound. Because if you let your wound stay there, the next thing you'll know you are on the way to your own self-destruction.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic mike…stripping Channing Tatum's real talent

      Chaning Tatum will always be Tyler Gage, his character in one of my favourite dance films – Step Up 1, for me. He was great dancer and actor there, together with his leading lady Jenna Dewan (who became his wife).  This is why even he done other movies including G.I. Joe and Dear John, I can’t see something special about them.
      However with Magic Mike, I’m so high again about him.  In this film, he did not only show his good physique but also his dance prowess again.  Ah every time he’s on stage, it was euphoria in my eyes.  He’s good in dancing, stripping and seduction. I think he’s also getting better when it comes to acting. Though I hope next time, he finds different attack in his roles.  His acting in this film is similar to Dear John with Amanda Seyfried, although I find him attractive in that romantic-drama movie.
  • ·         Yeah the biggest asset of the film is Magic Mike himself -Channing Tatum especially with his powerful moves.
  • ·         Good casting for Mathew McConaughey (The Wedding Planner & Sahara) who played Dallas, Alex Pettyfer ( Beastly and I’m No. 4) as Adam, Matt Bomer (White Collar and Joe Manganiello  played Richie as strippers.  You can’t deny that Conaughey is already getting old but he still has the curves and moves. Pettyfer on the other hand, is much mature and handsome here (compare to Beastly). To be honest, among the strippers, I like Manganiello. Apart from he’s macho and pretty boy, I find him cute when he’s sewing his undergarment. Hahaha!
  • ·         For me the leading ladies were also fantastic when in all aspects. Cody Horn (Brooke) and Olivia Munn (Joanna) maybe they are not that pretty but their beauty is appealing for me especially in the way they were presented in this film.    

  • ·      I don’t like the editing. I don’t know if it’s only in the Philippines but there lots of scenes that were abruptly cut. The transitions were not smooth and you might wonder you missed something.
  • ·         According to what I read the movie was based partly in Tatum’s former job as a stripper. So if it’s the case, now I know what’s going on club like this.  The dance steps, choreography, costumes and concepts were tastefully done.
  • ·         When it comes to screenplay, the loophole is they start it so simple, make it bigger along the way and end it hanging.  I’m not fully satisfied. You know, I get it that Brooke and Mike developed feelings for each. That was even if they have total different personalities and beliefs. Then after so many debates, in just one sequence you reconcile and made them kiss, finish! What’s that? Then Adam, after he’s sister warned him and Mike saved him from his debt and left club, he still working there. What’s the redeeming value of his character? But let’s see in how they will resolve these things when do the sequel, if there’s sequel.
  • ·         My favorite part of the film, beside when Manganiello’s sewing moment, was when Mike told Brooke that he’s job is not the whole thing about him. Then Brooke told Mike about his dreams, if he himself believes in his dream she will also believe. It is because it seemed Mike himself doubts in what he wants.

           For me, one of the hardest things to do is to explain your side to a person that you know will not going to believe in you, especially if she/ he has the reason to do so. Is it pride, being pessimistic or just simply not expressive type?
           The thing is not all people have time and ability to read your mind. In fact, it is natural to judge a person based on his/ her behaviour, background and looks. So it’s good to go out and address those misinterpretations about you. It takes time and effort, but it is the bridge for you to make them know who you are and what you are thinking.
          On the other side, people’s reaction about you is another face of the consequence of your action.  Take full responsibility in whatever you do or whatever you say. Be careful!
          Example: Because of my boyish fashion statement, some people think of me as tomboy or lesbian. I use it as a joke and excuse especially for the guys. This is a psychologically shield (“psy war”) for me- something like “back off if you think I’m weak.”
          I had a neighbour who courted me for so many months. I don’t like him, but he’s a friend so instead of telling him that, I said, I like someone else and she’s a girl.   That was very effective because he stopped but the side effect was very traumatic. He’s cousin who went back from States was my childhood crush. I think this guy also like me for so many romantic reasons, but maybe and since his cousin told him what I said, he never tried to court me. Sad L

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reality Bites...very awesomely 90s

For the nth time, I watched again Reality Bites top billed by  Winona Ryder (BeetleJuice, Edward Scissorhand, Little Women & Girl Interruption) , Ethan Hawke (Dead Poet Society & Black Hawk Down), Ben Stiller ( There's Something About Mary). Maybe because I'm too fascinated with Winona's charm ( to extent that I want to follow her hairstyle now), Ethan's ragged machismo, or the way movie tackled the love and friendship during 90s.

 I remember when I bought my copy that from apart of  I'm looking for old films ( who's cheaper of course) with great stories, I was really want to see Winona during her heydays.  What I didn't know, I already saw this film when I was a kid. When I played it for the first time and saw the last scene, when she embraced Ethan, I remember that I asked  my second elder brother why he didn't tell me that he's watching VHS. lol!


Reality Bites was actually different in a sense that Winona was acted as normal lass in this movie. Most of the time, she played off beat roles. In here, she wore the normal casual outfits and every plain Jane could relate to her even up to today's generation- like me. For your information also, this was the directorial debut of Ben Stiller and he was very serious here compare to his other more recent movies.

  1. Though the movie was shot in 1994, you can still relate to the characters. What they went through could be also your experience and you might also did what they did.
  2. I like the composition of the four-member group of Lelaina ( Ryder), Troy (Hawke), Vickie (Janeane Garofalo) and Sammy (Steve Zahn). Each of them had colorful background and personality. You can choose  which one can represent you.
  3. Even if the only songs that I know were Stay ( by Lisa Loeb) and My Sharona ( The Knack), the other tracks were cool and singable. My new favorite is Tempted by Squeeze.
  4. I'm not a fan of common love story that we get from fairy tales and telenovela (drama series). Though, you can find a bit of that in Michael (Stiller)-Lelaina-Troy's love triangle or simply in Lelaina & Troy tandem, I still find it interestingly lovely. To give you a hint, my favorite scenes/lines of Lelaina and Troy were 
Lelaina Pierce: I was really going to be somebody by the time I was 23. 
Troy Dyer: Honey, all you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself. 
Lelaina Pierce: I don't know who that is anymore. 
Troy Dyer: I do. And we all love her. I love her. She breaks my heart again and again, but I love her.  

(source: IMDB)

(Troy:) Look, you are the only woman... that I could ever commit myself to.
         (Lelaina:) So what? Do I get a medal? I win the big commitment cook-off, and you just run away? I knew this was gonna happen! I knew this was gonna happen!
        (Troy:) I don't want to lose you. I've never been in an experience like this before. I've never had s?x with somebody that I loved before.
(Lelaina:) Oh, well, congratulations, Troy Dyer. Welcome to the world of the emotionally immature. It's a really nice place to visit. Hey, you may run into Michael. He lives here.
        (Troy:) Oh, yeah, right. Michael. Michael. He's so mature... because he lets you navigate that entire relationship.Well, I'm sorry, Lelaina, but you can't navigate me. I might do mean things, and I might hurt you...and I might run away without your permission... and you might hate me forever. And I know that scares the s??t out of you... because I'm the only real thing that you have.


5. In our twenties, we have this liberty of finding our own identity and what we like to do with our career. This film can give you a lot of examples. Vickie though  not good in relationship and probably contracted A.I.D.S. but it comes to her work, she's really committed.

Lelaina Pierce: Hey, Sammy, what's your goal? 
Sammy: My goal is... I'd like a career or something. 

Lelaina Pierce: All right, fine. You wanna be in a band? Fine. Go ahead. Play every night. Play three times a night! Don't just d??k around the same coffee house for five years. Don't d??k around with her or with me. I mean, try at something for once in your life. Do something about it, but you know what? You better do it now, and you better do it fast, because the world doesn't owe you any favors.
source: IMDB



There are times that I encounter lines like " the most difficult part in this industry is to be yourself." It's true in most cases and in most fields. If you want to blend in, you must follow others system and almost forget your own identity.  I mean it could be, their identity is your identity.

And it's also so radical that you always prove yourself even if you don't have yet valid proof of your achievement or reputation.  It's really  hard to please every body, right?! So I guess the good steps are just do what you think is right and be open minded. In every challenges you take, it's who you are that acting. 

I remember when I had a chance to talk with my male classmate in high school (two years ago) on why he broke up with my friend (an honor student). He said, he talked with her mother about their relationship that time. The mother disapproved their relationship because of him.  Then he decided to break up with her right away. He said what he could do, he was considered bad person/student then. It was like he's gonna ruin her future.

Guess what? This former male classmate of mine now holds high position in an international mobile phone company.  He didn't end up with my friend but he found motivation to prove his capability.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rock of Ages...Kudos to Tom Cruise

According to reports, Rock of Ages’ box office performance is not great and it has negative reviews. Maybe those facts are notable but they never hindered me to try to see the movie starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Akerman, Russell Brand, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, and Tom Cruise.

  • ·            Of all the musical movies that I already watch (Nine, R.E.N.THigh School  Musical,  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street, Phantom of The Opera,  Evita, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and Hairspray), it is only Rock of Ages that has the songs that I already know.  In fact, what’s exciting about watching it, is to guess the song and sing along with the characters.

  • ·              I know that Zeta Jones is veteran when it comes to musical since she already did Chicago (with Richard Gere and Rene Zellewegar). As the stiff mayor’s wife who wants to demolish the rock clubs in their area, mainly The Bourbon Room, she’s tough and bitter there.  She’s aging but she’s still beautiful for me (since The Mask of Zorro days).

  • ·               I saw several movies where Akerman, Brand and Baldwin were part of the cast.  In this movie, even if they just the supports, I appreciated their performances more.

  • ·              It is given that the main selling point of Rock of Ages is Tom Cruise who portrayed Stacey Jaxx, he is- indeed!  It is not only because he’s the superstar and he did something different this time, but because you know he did give justice to his job. From outfit, to acting and singing, Cruise rocks on.

  • ·         Julianne Hough (played Sherrie Christian) is a beautiful and talented artist but I don’t think she’s suited to this movie. It is maybe because of the quality of her voice. Every time she sings it feel like I’m watching Glee.

  • ·         I just discovered that Rock of Ages is Diego Boneta's (played Drew Boley) biggest project so far in Hollywood. He’s actor and singer in Mexico and he launched his first album also in Brazil, Chile and U.S.A.  I hope he will have more projects to come as he’s young talented handsome new actor ready for stardom.

  • ·         Apart from Hough, the continuity or the flow of the story is the reason why the movie is not so polish for me.  It is clear that Drew has dream, Sherrie is struggling, Dennis Dupree’s (Baldwin) business problem, Patricia Whitmore’s (Zeta-Jones) aims, and Jaxx’s notorious personality. The thing is they are like important ingredients put together in one bowl. There’s maybe no proper mixture and you can’t explain the taste. Anyway, that’s the way I look it as reviewer not as viewer.  

The ultimate question is what happiness is for you? Do you find it by just simply achieving your biggest dream?  Are you ready to sacrifice things or people around you to be happy? How sure you are if you are really happy about yourself or in your condition right now?

Stacee Jaxx is an epitome of a man who got it all except of one thing, satisfaction in life.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rapace saved Prometheus

                If I wasn’t dragged to watch Prometheus in Gateway (Cubao, Quezon City), I don’t think I’m gonna watch this science fiction film starring Noomi Rapace (Lizbeth Salander of Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Charlize Theron (Evil Queen Ravenna of Snow White and the Huntsman), Michael Fassbender ( Magneto of XMen: Origin).
                And I don’t thank or hate my companions for inviting to watch this film because after all it’s not a bad film. It just that it’s not my type or whatever.  But let me tell you what I find boring and interesting.
                Boring parts:  

  • ·         The scenes after humanoid aliens dropped in the ocean. Since I was already tired and bored that moment, I just realized that I’m already sleeping.
  • ·         Being a support and villain, Theron's character and acting was not something to look forward for, if you gonna watch this film because of her. It was far below the level of her character and performance in Snow White.
  • ·         I guess they wanted David to be as interesting as possible though he’s android. For me he’s just a robot who looked like human – a pretentious human.
  • ·         There no so interesting parts inside the tunnel or the mountain they went to. Even the props of dead alien corpse and jars of black liquid.

Interesting parts:

  • ·         What saved the movie in my eyes was the character and portrayal of Rapace. I like Elizabeth Shaw’s desire to survive when she took out the baby alien in her tummy through machine. As in that was wow for me!
  • ·         I like the love and the bond between Elizabeth and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green). If I’m going to focus with the look of Rapace and Marshall-Green, I might not be convinced that they fitted to each other. However, their characters and acting made their love team perfect on screen. It just sad that Charlie died.

Prometheus is a movie about journey in outerspace to find the engineer of human kind.  What keeps this mission is the faith of people to meet their creator.
It’s not only about long journey but also its complicated to know the truth when it comes to faith.  Science has own explanation of things while religion relies in mere belief.  For me what’s important is never lose your faith no matter or wherever your desire drags you. Because in this world, you’ll know different things that will cloud how you see things and how you feel inside.
Though we have questions in others action, we have no choice but respect their decision.  All we can do is to guide them or pray that they find the truth they're looking for.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snow White and the nothing without the Evil Queen

For the first in the long time, i able to watch a film on its first day.  It's because I'm excited to see SnowWhite and the Huntsman. I wanna see Kristen Stewart (Twilight) portraying this fairy-tale character that's far from being naive in the forest and Charlize Theron (Devil's Advocate) as the fairest and fiercest Evil Queen Ravena.

life size poster in theater


And though, she's not included in the title, the evil queen marks great deal in the entire film. I don't know if it's about her background, her power or Theron but definitely if not through her you'll not give so much important to the struggle of SnowWhite and the Huntsman played by Chris Hemsworth ( Thor). But their combination are great and add enticement. I also like the effects specially those they done with Charlize.

What  I don't like in the film are the not helpful scenes in establishing the story. I also expect that Stewart does numerous action scenes as I imagined that she has trainings under the Huntsman. Anyway, at least  SnowWhite did not become a warrior princess like Shena.

Now what i like to see next is Mirror, Mirror starring Lily Collins as SnowWhite and Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen.


The story of Snowwhite is not how beautiful and kind she is but how a woman or any person will do anything to get  beauty and power. Who doesn't look forward to get power and be beautiful in the eyes of many?  But as we know, that these things are great but will now last forever, physically.

Power is not only about having a title and throne but a thing that you can to touch people lives. When you earn respect from them that's already power. Beauty in physical manner will eventually fade no matter what you put in your face and what you ask from your favorite surgeon. You'll feel that everyday it will never be the same again particularly when you too conscious. However, an individual with beautiful personality is more attractive for all the time.  Do you agree that nowadays, that those who consider ugly physically but has beautiful personality find true love and happiness. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Avengers… the monster outshines the heartthrobs

I admit I’m bias to Ironman because he’s my favorite among The Avengers and Chris Evans is my crush so let’s say that Capt. America is special too.  Definitely, it’s a treat for me to see both Ironman (played by Robert Downey) and Captain America in one movie. However, surprisingly, it’s not only them that I notice.
                If you’re into superhero, sci-fi or fantasy adventure movies, The Avengers is definitely for you. Each one of the characters has something to offer.  I didn’t watch Thor (Chris Hemsworth), I didn’t know Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and the only thing I know about Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was she’s part of Ironman 2. Nevertheless, they had important parts and they were very entertaining to watch in the film.  As the only woman, Black Widow was not a muse but femme fatale.  At last, there’s a work of Johansson that I like.
                Actually, I have questions with regard the whole thing about S.H.I.E.L.D.   I’m sort of lost when it comes to details and some characters.  And I find it corny that the main four avengers realized to join force only after Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) died, what’s with this guy?  But that’s okay I don’t concentrate on that because even the minor loopholes and boring parts were forgivable and forgettable.
                My favorite parts were almost all about Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo.  His Hulk (the character played before by Eric Bana and Edward Norton) was different because it’s seriously comedic. I laughed when he punched Thor when they landed side by side, when he woke up Ironman by his loud growl, when he smashed the giant fish like space ship, when Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk’s human alterego) arrived in the battle area by his rusty scooter, and when he alternately tosses Loki (Tom Hiddleston).  For the first time he’s not the lost and helpless hero, he’s funny and in control.
                But I also like when Ironman and Thor fought, when Capt. America’s leadership ruled, when Hawkeye shoot his arrow without looking, and Black Widow fought Hawkeye when he still under spell of Loki.  
                There were so many fight scenes but you can’t say they are too much or too little.  And in fact, it's good thing that there’s no so much romantic scene (oh well I like Ironman and Pepper's -Gwyneth Paltrow- tandem) for it might spoiled the entire thing although it still has human touch. 

In reality, it is indeed very hard to join different individuals specifically if they’re achievers.  If you are the moderator, you respect their superb qualities and you don’t want to mess with them. But somehow if they  too demanding and very consistent about it, in the long run you might lose your admiration to them.  

Because of being proud of who they are individually, many possible things turn into impossible and immaterial. There are groups that have strong members but never win even a single battle and that’s because of lack of teamwork.  And teamwork is not about politics, it’s about contributing what you have and willingness to be either follower or leader for the greater good. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Confession of a Shopaholic

I don’t know about the book where it was based, but Confession of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher is a feel-good kind of movie.  I love the bright colors of the outfits and set designs that are helpful to make Rebecca Bloomhood (Fisher) shines like no other. Though you'll hate to become a shop maniac like her, you’ll love Rebecca's spontaneous and charming personality.
      When it was shown in theater in 2009, I wasn’t excited to watch it. I was one of those who thought that it’s all about shopping. You know what to expect it in the plot.  And after three years, here I am, shopped all the beautiful features of this movie. What are they?
·                Since I’m a lady,  I confessed I think I’m in love with Luke Brandon played by Hugh Dancy.  Well he’s the typical boss that you go gaga for.  What’s the best about him? He’s gentleman, principled, and absolutely good looking.  I don’t know Hugh Dancy before, but definitely I’ll associate him with Luke, my ideal man, next to Marc Darcy of Bridget Jone’s Diary.
·                Apart from ridding the compulsive buying disorder, the movie also discussed the world of magazine and newspaper if not journalism.  You’ll see how stiff the competition in this field and the world behind the glamour and prestige.  Although of course there are parts that happen only in imagination. 
·                I also like how Bloomwood tried her luck in becoming a financial advisor in her column.  It’s a challenge since she’s shopaholic but she hilariously overwhelmed the odds since she’s good in writing and giving advice.
·                  I don’t know ,but I can’t think of any wrong point in the film- from casting to cinematography. It’s not  that it is  the best movie ever but definitely it will not be a bad or so-so Hollywood film.   Its must have for those who like to watch chick flick.
                I’m far from being shopaholic but seeing someone who is addicted to buying or shopping is hard to understand if not acceptable. Of course there lucky individuals who can afford to buy. You can’t blame them if they can buy and you can’t. Period.
                The wrong about being shopaholic is the other bad traits that may come with it - like being greedy, lying, being in debt, wasting and unsatisfied.  If you just buy for the sake of buying and get the dress to throw it later without maximizing its purpose, you don’t know how to appreciate beauty. Rid it once and for all.
                In Confession of Shopaholic, I find it that the main character clouded her mind that shopping is the best medicine in her life and to solve her frustration.  See, it’s in the mind not in your whole being. The person that really helps you, whatever you disorder is, is only you.  You can seek others to help you but you must also help yourself. Know what’s important in your life, which are actually simple things that you don’t need to shop- like friendship and love.