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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man 3...Tony is RDJ

Initially, I'm not open in the idea that Iron Man would be successful movie. I didn't know Robert Downey Jr. and he looked old for a superhero role.  But everything changed when a friend of mine let me watched the first sequel of this Hollywood flick. 

There I finally appreciate RDJ as Tony Stark. The character was well-established, elaborate and absolutely, interesting. He might be super rich and super genius, but you could relate with his antics.  He was frank, playboy, business minded and self-centered.


Though I prefer the storyline of part 1 and 2, Iron man 3 is good too. I like the idea that Pepper(Gwyneth Paltrow) has the chance to have extra power other than her usual influence to Tony.  Apart from that, it is also better that  there's no big emphasize in jealousy or forming love triangle. It just enough to give extra love factor but still the basic foundation is revenge.

What I don't like in the story is the conflict- machine versus super human strength. It's not equal for me. But then that's the catch, a powerful machine versus super human strength. And it takes many Iron Man robot to defeat that main villain - Aldrich Killian ( Guy Pearce) .

And though it's sort of cheesy, the kid ( Ty Sympkins) there plays significant role. Instilling the value of being simple, humble, pure and passionate. If not because of this child, may be Tony lost his purpose and succumb to anxiety attack.

It also funny that there are bloopers in between and some technical glitches. It provides the feel that Tony is like anyone- smart but clumsy, rich but in mess. 

Tony stark's ex girl friend (Rebeca Hall) gives an idea that bitterness and greed can't help you to find peace and genuine happiness because in the end, she finds her self slave of someone's power. Good thing, she also regrets and understands everything before she bids goodbye.

The main villain - Aldrich is also cool in such a way that from being an ambitious geek and fan of Tony, he's able to step up and fight him. Yes he's a perfect example of a man that has empowered actions but with right motivation. It could have been good if he just aspire to beat Tony Spark in terms of business and invention. But unfortunately, he resorts to self-destruction.

That scary tv terrorist is annoying.(period) 

Action scenes are overwhelming so as the effects. Having many robots may give 'wow' factor but it also overshadowed small details. Anyway, since this flick is science fiction and superhero plus all about Tony Stark what we can expect. 
Overall, the time and money that I spend to watch this film is worth it. Tony Stark alone is actually enough but having cool visual effects, romantic  ingredient and much of moral values this is movie is like mouthwatering clubhouse with refreshing iced tea.


Of course, most of the actions of Tony Stark are not acceptable as values. But in this particular sequel, audience will learn that wrong moves produce monsters.

In life, because of our aspiration for something big we also find ourselves lost. We forget our main goals and neglect important people. The good becomes bad and the right turns wrong. Then everything falls and wasted. Being humble is the key and being with people that will be your support system.