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Sunday, December 30, 2012

X Men: First Class... Mutant and Proud

Since I was in grade 3,I'm hooked already in X Men  specifically the cartoon series that was shown  every Friday night that time. I would like to be Storm and I'm fond of Cyclops though I didn't see how gorgeous his eyes. Then of course I also followed the live action film series of it that was started in 2000 where Hugh Jackman (Reel Steel) was Wolverine, Halle Berry was Storm, Anna Pacquin (True Blood) was Rogue, Patrick Stewart was Professor X, Famke Janssen (Taken) was Jean Grey and James Marssden was Cyclops.


In X Men: First Class (XFC) they set the time when X Men were just starting.  Professor X  or Charles Xavier is played by James McAvoy (Atonement and Wanted) and Michael Fassbender ( Prometheus) is the hunky Magneto or Erik Lensherr.   For me, this sequel is better than X Men Origins: Wolverine because it is emotionally appealing and you can see the goodness and hope though the  casts were put in danger. I'm not saying that the Wolverine movie sucks since Jackman was a total  action star there.

XFC also introduced some stars that I don't know before like Jennifer Laurence (Hunger Games)  Fassbender, and some characters too like Sebastian Shaw whom played by Kevin Bacon ( Footloose  and Hallow Man), Emma Frost of January Jones,  Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy or Beast of Nicholas Hoult ( Laurence current beau),  Angel Salvadore ( the butterfly with acidic saliva) of Zoe Kravitz, Banshee  ( ultrasonic scream) of Caleb Landry Jones.

I don't have any particular favorite character here (FYI: Storm and Rouge are my faves) but I understand that Charles, Erik and Sebastian are among the leads.  But one of the special parts of the movie was when Charles was helping Erik to control his power.  The latter used his anger to produce power but Charles was able to convince and  helped him to focus in something that was in between anger and serenity. Whatever it was.

In this movie also, you'll understand why Magneto had dark character. He had heartbreaking experience ever since some people realized his potential.  His reaction in all his adversities were realistic approach to that situation. He's very human in that area and it just happened he had special abilities to make revenges.

When it comes, to special effects I like when  the  young X Men were practicing in Charles' old mansion. Even when Mystique was keep on transforming from her human form to her mutant persona or vice versa. That's also a dramatic scene for me. You know, of all people that will shake your principle is the one who you thought will support and understand you.


Though there are things considered gifts, sometimes many kids suffer inferiority complex just because of the treatment they obtained from people around them. Let' see for  example a  kid that is taller than anyone else in the class.  It is automatic that kid is attention grabber but  to mock or giving him/her label that is degrading is not acceptable .  In the first place,  he has no control over his/her height. 

Let us not maltreat other because they are different to what we are ( like they have different religion, skin tone or accent). What's valuable in human race is how we should act as human being.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Hunger Games... engaging

now I feel hungrier! 
I occasionally watch adventure or reality shows before like Extra Challenge (by the way, Richard Gutierrez will reprise the hosting job that Paolo Bediones did before) and Takeshi’s Castle (a Japanese show broadcasted in  Philippines' IBC 13 and was hosted by Smokey Manoloto and  Anjo Yllana). And I’m also familiar with Fear Factor, Survivor and Amazing Race especially that they have local franchise here.

The Hunger Games is like these reality shows in terms of activities but the difference is the contestants should fight to death ( literally) until only one of them stays alive.


  • Watching the film makes your forget the time.  Once you start, you are already glued to Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Laurence) and her quest in so horrific reality show The Hunger Games.

I never mind what are the terms they are using like the tributes, the sponsors and even the names of other characters. The Game itself is enough to occupy your eyes and  to bother some small details.

  • Laurence is effective in her acting and character. She doesn't exude powerful woman but instead an eager one who is game to fight, to survive and to stay human even in the midst of death-defying times.  To be able to play Katniss is not easy because you need to be a active, compassionate, well-guarded and always at your best.  I like the costumes of Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) during their parade going to the inauguration of the Hunger Games. Though I find it a little bit corny when Katniss presented her red gorgeous gown with fire effect in front of Game’s host Caesar (played by versatile actor Stanley Tucci).
  • Between Hatcherson and Liam Hemsworth (played Katniss childhood friend Gale), I thought the latter would have better exposure and romantic time with Laurence. But I guess I just mistook it because I know him more than Hatcherson – being the brother of Chris Hemsworth and fiancĂ© of Miley Cyrus.
Anyway, even in just limited time and acting challenge it is hard to ignore Hemsworth's presence. Hatcherson on the other hand gives the best shot. Being the love and rival interest of Katniss, he’s also something that you look forward too.

  • Initially also, I find the costume of Elizabeth Banks (played Effie) so trying hard. I thought I saw it already in Red Queen (played by Helena Bonham Carter) Alice in Wonderland. But when the setting of the story brought to Capitol, I finally learned what she wears is just a glimpse of what to expect. In Capitol, people are like anime characters for their flamboyant wardrobe, striking hair color, and odd make ups. And I agree and favor Cinna (played by Lenny Kravitz)’s fashion statement with Katniss and Peeta – being beautiful is not the most outstanding thing anymore, but having good impression.

  • What can I say about the screenplay (writers Billy Ray, Suzanne Collins & Gary Ross who is also the director of the film)? It’s enticing and engaging! As I said once you already hook up in the story you forget the other things outside your screen.   


Hunger Games is such a harsh game if it’s done in real life especially that the contestants are from 12 to 18 years old. Teen years are the years where human trying to explore things in nicest way possible and not in something they gonna die.

But of course, we know that there are youngsters out there who are deprived to live happy, healthy and freely. Some are starving to death, some can’t have formal education, some are living in war places and some can’t even dream for their future.

I hope there are no nations, capital and parents that will ever allow their young ones to live like they are in the Hunger Games, because no one really likes to join in such disastrous situation.