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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wonderful Radio...impressive storyline

I like to work in AM and FM radio station. I wanna be an agent for people to learn latest information, inspirational stories and know compelling music. Fortunately, I experienced it once  and I can say it's not glamorous or easy job. But if you really like radio production you would say "Wonderful Radio career."


Initially, you will think that Korean movie Wonderful Radio is just  another romantic-comedy film. It's top billed by Lee Min Jung ( Boys Over  Flowers & Big) and Lee Jeong -Jin (April Kiss & Love Story in Harvard).

It has comedy because of the witty personality of Shin Jin-ah ( Lee Min Jung). You would think that she's easy go lucky person who gets her slot in the radio station because she was part of popular girl band Purple before. You find how hilarious she is when the new challenge in her disk jockeying career comes - Lee Jae-hyeok ( Lee Jeong-Jin) the new executive producer of her show Wonderful Radio. They clash on and off air.

 Learning who are the  people behind a radio show

You would understand what executive producer's job and at the same time the person who take this task.   All through out the movie, Jae-Hyeok is serious man and career-oriented. It is understandable why he hates  Jin-ah. But you will applause in his professionalism and how he relates to people.

On the other hand, the work of DJ is crucial for entire radio show. Jin-ah clearly shows little by little what's more in DJ that we usually know. I think this character is good example also for everyone who want to work as DJ or announcer. You don't only sit there, you have to know how to create interesting show by doing your home works.

Apart from executive producer, you would learn also the other  important  people in a radio production especially the host, station manager, scriptwriter, researcher and other staff.  They are softly explained  in the movie plus the significant  role of personal assistant / talent manager like Cha Dae-geun ( played by Lee Kwang-soo). The latter is wacky but touching  character.

It not all about on air talking

I expect that this movie will make me feel good because of the romance and the setting - radio , but I never thought that it also make me cry. There's part of it when people are telling their stories and will dedicate  songs for their special someone.  I cried when a young high school student say sorry and thank you to her step father who loves her as his own daughter. That's very touching! 

The challenging parts are how they gonna make Wonderful Radio a top rating one, how they gonna create special segment and what they defend their jobs against the big bosses.

But I think, the most challenging segment is when  Jin-ah axe in the show because of false accusation and politics. Good thing the film depicts that a  good and talented person will find a way to  bring back her glory.

Apart from clear characterization, interesting parts of movies,  and funny music. I commend the story line as a whole. It is enjoyable, heartwarming, and easy to grasp.  The very minor flaws that I sense in the film are  the boring start , forceful ending, overacting revenge and not enough chemistry between the major actors.


A few weeks ago, I resigned in my job that I considered my comfort zone for years. I have solid friends there, routine, and valuable work though most of the time unappreciated.

I feel sorry for letting down my pals and for being impractical since I didn't find new job first before moving out. But I’ll never regret my decision because though I’m  realistic (who tend to choose safe options), I’m ambitious too. My being dreamer is my asset and what makes me above ordinary.    

Like Shin Jin-ah, I can learn to think creatively and do extra home works for my job. I must feel that I’m passionate in what I’m doing because without it, I think I’m wasting my precious time.  I hate it when I’m in a situation that I keep on whining on things that I can’t do, I have many limitations, there’s no growth and I let other people to control me without giving me enough reason to follow them.

Work is work; yes it is important part of our lives. But we must think we can work in more than one company or you can do something else apart from what you are currently doing. I admit that I like to have better compensation but money is not only my motivation in my career and in my life.

I wish to do so many things because I don’t want to get old with one expertise. Call me jack of all trades and maybe lost in direction, but I know exactly which interests I’m willing to pursue and what’s my major aim in my life.

Shin Jin-ah is singer-composer too. After she was removed in her show as DJ, she tries to go back to her first love - music and new dawn comes to her life. I wish that happens to me soon.

In fact without the money issue, I like my journey now - job and business hunting mode. I meet new people, learning new industry, try new things that I'm probably good at and power up my skills. If I didn't resign, I may not experience these things. You know, experience is not only about having knowledge but developing your whole being.

Who knows, finally I can work in a radio station and while doing my other passions. God is good! I know He created me special. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

He Was Cool….has popular actors who don't have chemistry

For years I've known the lead actors Song Seung-Heon and Jeong Da-Bin because of their popular shows- Endless Love 1: Autumn in My heart and Attic Cat. Apart from those, they were also involved in the big scandals- Song lied once to escape from his mandatory military duty, which he regretted and complied after. Jeong on the other hand, committed suicide. According to some report, it was because of the depression out of being jobless.


All the bad things about them vanished once you see the 2004 Korean film He Was Cool directed by Lee Hwan-Kyung and written by Gwiyeoni, Lee Hwan-Kyung, and Yeong-seok Kim. And though you know they’re unbelievable to be junior high students, you will just let them be because of their cute and sweet acting and love story. 

Song is the notorious bully guy- Ji Eun-Seong who has soft spot. On the other note, Jeong's character - Han Ye-Won is very lucky to be apple of his eye. Many girls can relate to Ye-Won since she's not intimidating and actually, there’s nothing special about her. I just don't know if in the story they are trying to present her as beautiful woman.  That is because even Seong’s handsome elder brother - Kim Han-Seong (played by Lee Ki-Woo) also likes her.

Personally, I believe in the exceptional commoner and that opposites attract, but being in a love triangle with two outstanding men, that's sort of unrealistic or over the board.

As I mentioned both Song and Jeong are good actors. They gave justice to their roles but I can't feel their chemistry. It as if Song likes her because he has something to get. While Jeong was pushed around so she goes after him. And the development of their love is too easy. It seems also that their past is not connected and Seong longing to find true love is not strong. It's similar to drama series that has great stories but with many cuts or you missed several episodes.

Lee being Kim Han Seong is cool. Actually he looks better than Song Seung-Heon. But he's character is weak just like his acting. It is not clear where he's coming from and what's he's real motivation,  Although he's a big challenge to Ji Eun-Seong and it's good that he's not the typical rival.

I commend the part when Song Seung-Heon and Han Ye-Won separated for one year and then she becomes closer with Kim Han-Seong. At least in some point i thought the writer might end the story without reconciling the two lead characters.

In fact, the romantic part and where the two stars exude chemistry is when Ji Eun-Seong comes back and fulfill her fairy tale imagination. The way is cheesy but very romantic.

In general it's ver light film that's targeting young girls. I enjoy it being young at heart.


Ji Eun-Seong is bossy, cold and manipulative guy who everyone is scared of. However, when Han Ye-Won said to his face that he's just a man who doesn’t know what love is, he was left stunned because it is true.

I see a lot of persons like Ji Eun Seong. They are very strong outside but wrecked inside. I called it defense mechanism.  You know, they are the type that to be able to hide their fears and insecurities, they tend to terrorize others to stay away from them or know their secrets.

It’s a phase, so I think it’s normal. Everyone has own fears but making it as part of your identity that's not cool. You will just create wall not bridge, meaning you are not helping yourself.