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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Song...I wish Miley did sing

I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but lately I appreciate her individuality. It is rare for a young girl who is real in her self and keep her sanity even if  she is exposed to fame, fortune, fans and all. I started to like her musicality when I heard her song The Climb. Maybe I should try to watch Hannah Montana to know her more after my Last Song review.


It's very plain and typical story that was my reaction all throughout of watching Last Song starring Miley, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, and Bobby Coleman. I really wished that she sang a lot in this film but she wasn't.

Though it  has typical story, boring screenplay and not impressive acting (beside Coleman who played Jonah), Last Song made me smile. It might be because of the thought that this was where Miley and Liam met or I just felt their young love right away.

Maybe its also because Miley was so natural in her character. I like her outfits even she looked stressful ( well because its a call for her character). She pouted he mouth, she let her hair down or up and she walked like no one was looking. It may not add to overall impact of the movie but it was cool act though.

If I watched this film when I was young, Last Song  could be nice. There were parent factor, little brother, girls who were after your beau, unsolicited admire, and hot loving sincere boyfriend. The thing is we already saw a lot of story  and characters like these in other films. So if you like, new kind of story about rebellious  teen girl better find something else. But if you like to just see Miley and Liam, this is good one.

By the way, I like their setting in the big aquarium.


Last Song tells about a young girl reconnecting to her father who she hated for leaving their family. Her parents separated because of their own differences, but they remain good to each other and parents. Ronnie (Miley) is like any girl out there who resort to pushing people away from her. She's in pain so don't mess with her. It should be everyone must follow her mood, decision and principle.

Though  its a must for human relation to understand each other, but being good starts in our self. You can't expect everything is gonna be good if you don't. It's reciprocal treatment especially if people around you are strangers and not your family. You can't blame others for not understanding you since you are showing your bad side. 

I understand that everyone can be rebellious  in some points but generally, being like this is practically unacceptable. It's like you are digging you own hole to fall. The best way is confront the people to express your emotion and so they know exactly what's running in your mind. If you can't do this at least find people who can help you, people who are good influence and will guide to heal your wound. Because if you let your wound stay there, the next thing you'll know you are on the way to your own self-destruction.