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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bride for's Kim Again

After the success of Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush mo, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are back on big screen through their new romantic comedy film Bride for Rent.

Plot that's not new

Without mentioning any movie as an example, the story of Bride for Rent is definitely not new. Welcome the famous cliche of Rich boy meets poor girl and the need of hiring a woman to pretend as a wife.

Perhaps, if it's other love team and Star Cinema had no persuasive trailer I'll not bother to watch it.  Another factor is Kim and Xian's charisma.

Now if you look for something new, don't bother to line up in the nearest or fartest cinema in you- you'll 200 pesos can be use in something useful.

Kim strikes again

Kim and comedian-book author Ramon Bautista saved whatever flaws the movie got. Here, Kim  did give big contribution to make the  whole film working. She did slapstick and passable over acting spiels. But effective and selling especially if you like her. I do by the way. With Xian,  I can't feel something special or any greatness in his acting. He's just become lovelier because of his looks ( though I hate his hairdo) but acting wise no improvement.  Okay once in while he shouts, throw tantrums or stares.

I commend Pilita Corales (Lala of Xian) because she has super special role here like Empoy( bff of Xian).  The rest of the cast including Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans , Lloyd Zaragoza and others are just fine.


The angst of  Roco (Xian's character) boils down to deep disappointment. And it's true that the one that can hurts you most is also the one that you love the most.

I's really difficult to forgive- not only because of wrongdoings but also if the person is someone that is close to your heart.  Well,  life is a roller coaster ride.  We can't expect everyone acts in the same straight line in any situation.  We can't stop to yell, close our eyes or cry. So better to love, care, feel lost and learn to forgive.          


Monday, September 16, 2013

Bakit Hindi ka Crush Ng Crush MO...It's Kim

My sister has a huge crush on Xian Lim and I'm curious with Ramon Bautista's wit and novel writing skill so we ended up watching this film adaptation of Tagalog book Bakit  Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo. By the way, Kim Chiu is very daringly cute here.


It is no surprise that Kim who  made this film successful in box office because of her unquestionable popularity. You may contest on her acting prowess but still she's the one that moviegoers buying. For me,  she met the expectation of Star Cinema and the character that she portrayed  Sandy Veloso. Sandy is a typical lass who's laughing subject in the many because of her pathetic love life, image and weak disposition though she's very good and dedicated to her job.

In some point, Kim was over acting and yet, you would tolerate her because actually she's trying to be  funny as much as she could. If I'm going to rate her, She made me laugh 7 times out of 10 tries. what commendable of her acting  in this film, she looked very believable. You'll assume that she's also like that  in real life.

Xian is Heartthrob in all angle and he made me giggle when he embraced Kim while playing guitar. You'll feel that he's into Kim but other than the  tweetums or romantic side, Xian needs to enhance more his acting. there's scene that so pale and it seemed he just throwing his lines. Even in highlight scene such as he ranted against his lolo, played by Freddie Webb,  I felt something was lacking.

As a third wheel, occasional extra and visible adviser  Ramon Bautista managed  to steal some scenes from  Kim and  Xian Lim. And it's nice that his part of giving advice was smoothly inserted in the flow of the  story.

If you're looking light funny romantic film watch this movie. if you need some advice about your love life and your question is the same with  title of this flick that also featured Mylene Dizon, Angeline Quinto, Tonton Gutierrez, and Kean Cipriano, go! Just don't put a lot of expectation  like it's super romantic.


I asked myself, if this question is applicable on me. The answer is no.  I think most of my crushes have crush on me as well,  but they didn't court me. hehehe! So if there's such thing as friendzone, me, I stay the object of admiration but they don't love. sound like pathetic too, sad! hehehe!

I agree with Ramon's suggestion and comments. Most of them are true and happened on girls. he has line telling Daig ng Malandi ang maganda ( Flirts beat beautiful ladies), which knock my heart. Yeah perhaps that's the factor lacking in me, I don't know how to flirt, to express my self and to express my emotion. In fact, there's a man in our neighborhood that I think fits with me and perhaps, I have crush on him that I just ignore in the past. When I finally, realized and ready to open up, he eventually went far away.

So here's the thing that I realized from the movie that I'll apply in my love life.

  • I have to play the game
  • approachable or sociable
  • Be myself all the time
  • be open to express my thought
why I'm not telling that I'll change my image or fashion too like Sandy Veloso, I still can't see that I need to do that. Let's see if there's a man that  will make me change from what I'm right now.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tiktik: the Aswang Chronicles… a must see film for Filipinos

I’m not a fan of horror films in general but occasionally I get nerved to watch. Some of the recent horor flicks that I remember were 2005 Hollywood film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Thai films The Eye and Shutter, and Filipino movies Feng Shui and Sukob.

Someone told me that when it comes to horror, Asian filmmakers are good and I agree with him/ her as viewer. Among the horror films I watched my favorite were The Eye and Halimaw sa Banga (monster in a jar). In my opinion, there are lot of belief and superstition among Asian countries and apparently, it sill goes on and on. So in a sense it’s believable if you adapt those stories in a film.


Tiktik is a horrific creature similar to vampire. But compare to gorgeous vampires that we see in recent years they are creepy. Hello Edward Cullen” (Robert Pattinson of Twilight series), Celine (Kate Beckinsale of Underworld series) and Damon Salvatore or Klaus Mikaelson (Ian Sommerhalder and Joseph Morgan of Vampire Diaries)!

Close to what I imagined since I was a child, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles which top billed and co-produced by Dingdong Dantes, showcased the lifestyle of this creatures. In this movie directed by Erik Mati they can transform into animals like a pig, hide in the shadow, run faster and fly higher like a special kind of dinosaur.

Superb visual effects

What I like in the movie is first the special effects.  It breaks the record of early approaches of filmmakers. You maybe see this effect in Hollywood films but it is a first time for a Filipino film -  to shot on green screen chroma key. 

Then I like the characterization of Makoy (played by Dingdong), Sonia (Lovi Poe), Nestor (Joey Marquez), Fely ( Janice de Belen), Bart (Ramon Bautista). They depict typical Filipinos who are struggling in their own situation.  Although Bart is one of the  sources of comedy relief in the story, you can still sympathize with his stand and “red Lips.”

They are right that this film is comedy-horror,  but honestly I laugh a lot than to feel scared.  De belen, Marquez, Bautista and even that one big fat Tiktik were hilarious. And though it’s annoying sometimes but generally the appearance of endorsements in the film are funny.

Also here, Dingdong looks hot, really!  I watched some of his works from TGIS, Encantadia, Marimar, Kimmy Dora but I he’s not really appealing to me but in this film- okay hands down, he’s macho!   

Not so internationally appealing

Maybe the jokes and story of Tiktik sell to me but I think it has no international appeal. I wonder how the foreign audience’s reaction to cornick as tool to fight powerful tiktik. Remember that it takes a lot of salt and garlic (according to belief) to shoo them away Tiktik, what more to kill them in just a piece of cornick?

Although I can say that despite of the simplicity of the story, numerous endorsements and questionable actions of Tiktik, it’s a must see film for Filipinos and international audience.  Just try to see the creature with long tongues who we are scared of especially if there’s pregnant woman or newly born baby.


Lovi Poe’s character Sonia is a representation of Filipina or women who goes back to her parents’ home because failure- Failure to fulfill her dream in the city and failure in love.  Rina Reyes’s character (the neighbor who owns factory of salt) is an example of someone who mocks others because of their mistakes.  Her rationale is Fely (Sonia’s mother) is very boastful to them because of Sonia’s achievement being the only professional (she’s a teacher) in their town.

I know many women who like Sonia – who forget their dreams because of love and out of wedlock got pregnant. I’m proud of those find way to solve their problems and able to stand up again. I’m happy to those who ended up with the father of their kids and live as one family. And I’m very sad for women who left behind and struggling to stand up.

The ugly truth, there are only few men now who are man enough to be responsible in their obligations. Okay let’s say that love fades away between the couple but the baby, you can’t rid it as if it’s just like a doll.  The romantic part of Tiktik: Aswang Chronicles is Makoy follows Sonia in her province because he loves her and learns to be responsible partner and soon-to-be father.  I hope many men like Makoy will realize how women bear the pain, judgment and obligation when they have to raise their kids on their own.

And I wish those who like Sonia, will able to stand up again. If you fail to find love and partner in life, at least you have grace and chance to be a champion in terms of motherhood. I think being the mother is the true essence of being a woman.  
because of this I rember the I Dreamed a Dream from the play Les Miserables which has movie adaptation that will premier in December. This Anne Hattaway will take the role of Fantine.