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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Stranger (Thai film)…perfect guide about South Korea

If you gonna ask me which countries I want to visit, I want to go in Greece, United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea. The latter is the latest addition in my shortlist and it is because I’m also one of those  girls  fond of watching Korean drama series or movies. I want to visit the locations of my favourite Korean series especially Winter Sonata starring my Korean crush Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Wo and Coffee Prince top billed by Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. Of course I also want to see their famous Jeju Island which is part of New 7 Wonders of Nature.


        Hello Stranger is a film recommended by my friend who I’m going with in South Korea next year, I really pray for that to happen and if God permits. She’s indeed right that watching this movie will give you glimpse in what you expect in The Land of the Morning Calm.
  •          The story is about young Thailand nationals who tour in South Korea. The male lead “Dang” played by Chunthawit Thanasewi is part of tour group while the female lead “May” portrayed by Nuengthida Sophon tours by herself. The girl knows how to speak English and little Koreans so she has advantage. Furthermore, she has Korean friend who is about to marry.
  •      I enjoy their tour together. They are adventurous, bubbly, emotional, and jolly and have opposite personalities. In fact, the story is sort of predictable and typical but at least this two are entertaining tourist guides.  Their journey as two strangers to partners in crime to complicated lovers is touchy and understandable. There was scene that the girl wants to leave him for he’s unreasonable demands but she decided to help him because they are both Thai. I agree to that scene because I believe I will also do that if I’m in that situation.

  •        The first part of the film is funny and I laugh in many scenes. In the latter part it becomes dramatic and that’s where you can predict what gonna happen. Although, I like it when May sets Dang free when his girlfriend suddenly appears. I’m also touch when Dang can’t help but to cry when he finds the casino chip that she gave to him.
  • Dang has romantic lines when he finally hugs her after they fight. It’s melodramatic but I think there’s real man who can do and say those lines. Not over the top and not subdued.
  • If you watch and enjoy the famous Thai film Crazy LittleThing Called Love or First Love starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol don’t expect that it has same appeal. The guy is not handsome like Maurer but he’s charming while the female lead is very adorable. I like her beauty.
  • In this film I realized that mostly Thai films finished their story open-ended.


          Apart from that this film adds to my inspiration to go-go-go–go-go in South Korea, (and I'll follow their lead, I'll do odd things when I go there. hihihi!) it also influences me that yes, two strangers can fall in love to each other. It’s crazy and complicated idea but it can happen.

          It’s fantastic experience but at the same time, both should know the advantages and disadvantages or the pros and consequences.
         “We are two heartbroken people who meet each other, abroad - cold and lonely. Perhaps this feeling between us is just a temporary illusion.” – May (Nuengthida Sophon).