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Monday, June 9, 2014

Maybe This Time...Sarah Geronimo & Coco Martin

I know that Coco Martin is one of the hottest and award-winning actors of today's generation. IMHO, he slowly taking over Piolo Pascual's place, not because the latter star's fade away but Coco is just receiving almost same amount of followers during his peak.  But of all his award-winning independent films ( that I wish to see as well) and top rated teleserye, it is only third time in Maybe This Time where he paired with Sarah Geronimo I completely watch his acting skill.

Maybe with some other story

There were scenes in the film that made us laugh, giggle and could relate to.  But to be honest, I don't think this is the best movie yet of Coco or even Sarah. I don't know if I'm accustomed to see Sarah with John Lloyd Cruz ( A Very Special Love,  You Changed My Life, and It Takes a Man and a Woman)  but I think if  not they are  cool love tandem in the big screen, the story of the movie is not appealing.

All of Martin's followers  know that he's forte is acting. Perhaps it's because he came from family from poor and humble family before joining mainstream showbiz. And I don't know why I couldn't feel the sincerity of his being poor in the film. It's like he wasn't challenge to do it compare to his other movie Noy with Erich Gonzales. I even like more his character in Born To Love You with Angeline Quinto but yeah Maybe This Time is a certified box office hit compare  to the two other movies.

Hopefully his next movie will not be again emphasizing that he's guapo but too poor if his your lover. We already saw that in Walan Hanggan ( Julia Montes) at Ikaw Lamang ( with Kim Chiu).

About Sarah,  I heard someone said that she shows different acting here. For me almost, I prefer her confrontation scene with Ruffa Gutierrez , who's very good  here as a socialite lover of Coco. She's effective by the way.

The movie tells  about misunderstandings and taking risks for love. Life is simple actually in different aspects and angle but when it comes to love it seems everything become complicated. Ruffa's character Monica Valencia is a classic example of a woman who falls in love with a guy.  But she  finds hard to accepts him because of his background though she loves him.

Will you doubt if a person says she loves someone but wishing to change him?  Another question is will you change so you can be ready for your sweetheart?