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Thursday, February 14, 2013

While you are sleeping, awakes the romance in you

I was really young the first time that I watched While You Were Sleeping (1995) starring Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher, and Sandra Bullock. That time, Sandra was very adorable actress and Bill Pullman was so handsome for me. They were lovely couple on screen and they had inspiring story.

Now that I think I'm in the right age and can relate more to the story, I bought a copy of this film. I wanna feel what I felt before; especially that now, love is not like a fairy tale for me anymore.


 Who knows where Bill Pullman is right now? The last time that I checked his image in Google, he was already old. But that's life and thanks to this film I'll always remember him as Jack.  Jack was the brother of Peter (Gallagher), whom Lucy (Bullock) had crush and saved in the railway. Peter was a victim of rubbery and he fell in the railway.                           

The plot of the story is refreshing (particularly during it was premiered in theater). It is light to bear but still has the power to mesmerize you. Sandra's character is sympathetic knowing that she lives on her own after her parents died already. You know that she needs someone will accompany, love and complete her.

She got an opportunity to have that when Peter came to her life. Apart from that Peter thought that she was his fiancée, his family was also very warm and welcoming for her.  For someone like Lucy who was alone and lonely, it was a dream come true to be with him and them. But she's good one and Jack  doubted on her real intention.

Here, I like Sandra's acting but not the way she looks on the screen. I don't know if that time it was a trend that she had to wear loose outfits. It was as if she borrowed her auntie's clothes. Besides it’s so overdo to show how pathetic she was.

But I like her outfit when she attended Christmas party of Peter's family and in their wedding ceremony. Those were very simple and at least a little bit consistent to her character.

Actually, Sandra is good in romantic comedy, another evident of it is the success of The Proposal (her box office film with Ryan Reynolds) and Ms. Congeniality ( Benjamin Bratt). Although, I think some part of The Proposal is similar to While You Were Sleeping particularly that wedding scene where Sandra waited the wedding day to happen to say that she didn't want to marry the guy.

But in While You Were Sleeping, the presence of Bill Pullman made the difference. His character and attractive features. You know that he looks rugged but he his gentleman and romantic.  Their love story was cheesy but we know it could happen in real life minus that too good to be true characters of supporting cast. But who knows, there are people who are like that.


Today is Valentine's Day and like the Philippine Senator Miriam Santiago said it could be Single awareness day, Single Independence Day or just Thursday. Being single in special occasion like this and on Christmas made single women/ men  pathetic people.

But more than an issue, people should know the story of every person like Lucy's case. Being single could be a choice for someone but also not a choice for some. Everyone needs and desires true love. But, love is something that you don't know when and how will happen to any person. 

Well we just hope we're not sleeping when our real love comes. Happy Valentine's Day!  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wonderful Radio...impressive storyline

I like to work in AM and FM radio station. I wanna be an agent for people to learn latest information, inspirational stories and know compelling music. Fortunately, I experienced it once  and I can say it's not glamorous or easy job. But if you really like radio production you would say "Wonderful Radio career."


Initially, you will think that Korean movie Wonderful Radio is just  another romantic-comedy film. It's top billed by Lee Min Jung ( Boys Over  Flowers & Big) and Lee Jeong -Jin (April Kiss & Love Story in Harvard).

It has comedy because of the witty personality of Shin Jin-ah ( Lee Min Jung). You would think that she's easy go lucky person who gets her slot in the radio station because she was part of popular girl band Purple before. You find how hilarious she is when the new challenge in her disk jockeying career comes - Lee Jae-hyeok ( Lee Jeong-Jin) the new executive producer of her show Wonderful Radio. They clash on and off air.

 Learning who are the  people behind a radio show

You would understand what executive producer's job and at the same time the person who take this task.   All through out the movie, Jae-Hyeok is serious man and career-oriented. It is understandable why he hates  Jin-ah. But you will applause in his professionalism and how he relates to people.

On the other hand, the work of DJ is crucial for entire radio show. Jin-ah clearly shows little by little what's more in DJ that we usually know. I think this character is good example also for everyone who want to work as DJ or announcer. You don't only sit there, you have to know how to create interesting show by doing your home works.

Apart from executive producer, you would learn also the other  important  people in a radio production especially the host, station manager, scriptwriter, researcher and other staff.  They are softly explained  in the movie plus the significant  role of personal assistant / talent manager like Cha Dae-geun ( played by Lee Kwang-soo). The latter is wacky but touching  character.

It not all about on air talking

I expect that this movie will make me feel good because of the romance and the setting - radio , but I never thought that it also make me cry. There's part of it when people are telling their stories and will dedicate  songs for their special someone.  I cried when a young high school student say sorry and thank you to her step father who loves her as his own daughter. That's very touching! 

The challenging parts are how they gonna make Wonderful Radio a top rating one, how they gonna create special segment and what they defend their jobs against the big bosses.

But I think, the most challenging segment is when  Jin-ah axe in the show because of false accusation and politics. Good thing the film depicts that a  good and talented person will find a way to  bring back her glory.

Apart from clear characterization, interesting parts of movies,  and funny music. I commend the story line as a whole. It is enjoyable, heartwarming, and easy to grasp.  The very minor flaws that I sense in the film are  the boring start , forceful ending, overacting revenge and not enough chemistry between the major actors.


A few weeks ago, I resigned in my job that I considered my comfort zone for years. I have solid friends there, routine, and valuable work though most of the time unappreciated.

I feel sorry for letting down my pals and for being impractical since I didn't find new job first before moving out. But I’ll never regret my decision because though I’m  realistic (who tend to choose safe options), I’m ambitious too. My being dreamer is my asset and what makes me above ordinary.    

Like Shin Jin-ah, I can learn to think creatively and do extra home works for my job. I must feel that I’m passionate in what I’m doing because without it, I think I’m wasting my precious time.  I hate it when I’m in a situation that I keep on whining on things that I can’t do, I have many limitations, there’s no growth and I let other people to control me without giving me enough reason to follow them.

Work is work; yes it is important part of our lives. But we must think we can work in more than one company or you can do something else apart from what you are currently doing. I admit that I like to have better compensation but money is not only my motivation in my career and in my life.

I wish to do so many things because I don’t want to get old with one expertise. Call me jack of all trades and maybe lost in direction, but I know exactly which interests I’m willing to pursue and what’s my major aim in my life.

Shin Jin-ah is singer-composer too. After she was removed in her show as DJ, she tries to go back to her first love - music and new dawn comes to her life. I wish that happens to me soon.

In fact without the money issue, I like my journey now - job and business hunting mode. I meet new people, learning new industry, try new things that I'm probably good at and power up my skills. If I didn't resign, I may not experience these things. You know, experience is not only about having knowledge but developing your whole being.

Who knows, finally I can work in a radio station and while doing my other passions. God is good! I know He created me special. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love Sick…a rom-com film to revive your belief in love

Ariel Lin is my favourite Taiwanese actress. I followed her TV projects such as It Started with a Kiss, Love Contract, They Kiss Again, Tokyo Juliet, The Little Fairy, and Legend of Condor Heroes. In fact, it was They Kiss Again that outranked Meteor Garden in my heart.  On the other hand, Love Sick or Love Phobia is the first movie of her that I’m able to watch.

What distinguishes Lin Yi Chen (her Chinese name) from other Taiwanese actresses is she tries to be different in every project she does. She can be naïve, empowered, boyish, girlish, modern or traditional. This is amazing given in terms of her typical physical features. Look, you know that there are other more beautiful Taiwanese stars that can be chameleon but don’t try to be versatile.   


Ariel Lin’s kind of comedy.  

Compared to what I thought before Love Sick is not a drama but instead a romantic-comedy film. She’s paired with Bolin Chen, her partner also in drama series In Time With You, here.  Though she’s known in her dramatic side, Ariel is also good in comedy or let’s says she has comedic timing.  Like in It started with a Kiss, she seriously funny her even without being slapstick. 

But I think apart from her acting prowess it is more of the kind of the character given to her.  Tina Liang is messed girl who became man-hater after her first love (played by Li Yi Feng) dumped her for his career as a pop star. Tina’s aunties influence her to do nasty things to guys because according to them true love doesn’t exist.  She’s very diligent in this idea but not until Dr. Li (Bolin Chen’s role) appeared in her life.    

Tina is similar to Ariel’s role in Love Contract - Xiao Feng where she was paired with Mike He.  But in this movie she doesn’t need to be a boyish and wear wigs to say the world, hey I’m a man hater. Maturity in her character and costume made it way different and funnier. But I like her more in LC as she seems so natural there.   

The typical boy next door type

Bolin, who has other name Wilson Chen, and his role is both lovely. It’s not something that make you believe in the impossible because although Dr. Li is famous and genius, he’s been presented like any ordinary guy you know. He’s clumsy and doting brother, which by the way, both admirable and boring for me.  Boring because, I already see this stuff in other movies and they give you better version of him.  Bolin is like any boy next door you know. He’s charming but he’s not the head turner type. Let’s see if he has other roles or movies.

Screenplay has good flow but not innovative

Well, if you are looking for something fresh in rom-com genre skip Love Sick. It’s typical as mentioned earlier especially from the people surrounding the lead female character to the body of story. She has adorable prince charming, sexy and supportive best friends, and bad influence aunties.

But what made it cool is because of its cinematography, fashion or costume, and supporting cast. It’s softening to see old people laughing, a handicapped girl finding inspiration to do her passion again, and how old ladies act like funny girls.  Tina’s aunties maybe typical antagonists but they are not something you will erase in the movie. They are remarkably outstanding even overwhelm in the lead characters. I like them!

Given that you’ve been hurt before and there so many people who can break your heart, I think it still better to believe in the magic of love. Fear and hate, can make you stronger but not make you happy. Don’t fall in the idea that love doesn’t exist because if you do, you are a living dead.
And remember God is Love!  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reality Bites...very awesomely 90s

For the nth time, I watched again Reality Bites top billed by  Winona Ryder (BeetleJuice, Edward Scissorhand, Little Women & Girl Interruption) , Ethan Hawke (Dead Poet Society & Black Hawk Down), Ben Stiller ( There's Something About Mary). Maybe because I'm too fascinated with Winona's charm ( to extent that I want to follow her hairstyle now), Ethan's ragged machismo, or the way movie tackled the love and friendship during 90s.

 I remember when I bought my copy that from apart of  I'm looking for old films ( who's cheaper of course) with great stories, I was really want to see Winona during her heydays.  What I didn't know, I already saw this film when I was a kid. When I played it for the first time and saw the last scene, when she embraced Ethan, I remember that I asked  my second elder brother why he didn't tell me that he's watching VHS. lol!


Reality Bites was actually different in a sense that Winona was acted as normal lass in this movie. Most of the time, she played off beat roles. In here, she wore the normal casual outfits and every plain Jane could relate to her even up to today's generation- like me. For your information also, this was the directorial debut of Ben Stiller and he was very serious here compare to his other more recent movies.

  1. Though the movie was shot in 1994, you can still relate to the characters. What they went through could be also your experience and you might also did what they did.
  2. I like the composition of the four-member group of Lelaina ( Ryder), Troy (Hawke), Vickie (Janeane Garofalo) and Sammy (Steve Zahn). Each of them had colorful background and personality. You can choose  which one can represent you.
  3. Even if the only songs that I know were Stay ( by Lisa Loeb) and My Sharona ( The Knack), the other tracks were cool and singable. My new favorite is Tempted by Squeeze.
  4. I'm not a fan of common love story that we get from fairy tales and telenovela (drama series). Though, you can find a bit of that in Michael (Stiller)-Lelaina-Troy's love triangle or simply in Lelaina & Troy tandem, I still find it interestingly lovely. To give you a hint, my favorite scenes/lines of Lelaina and Troy were 
Lelaina Pierce: I was really going to be somebody by the time I was 23. 
Troy Dyer: Honey, all you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself. 
Lelaina Pierce: I don't know who that is anymore. 
Troy Dyer: I do. And we all love her. I love her. She breaks my heart again and again, but I love her.  

(source: IMDB)

(Troy:) Look, you are the only woman... that I could ever commit myself to.
         (Lelaina:) So what? Do I get a medal? I win the big commitment cook-off, and you just run away? I knew this was gonna happen! I knew this was gonna happen!
        (Troy:) I don't want to lose you. I've never been in an experience like this before. I've never had s?x with somebody that I loved before.
(Lelaina:) Oh, well, congratulations, Troy Dyer. Welcome to the world of the emotionally immature. It's a really nice place to visit. Hey, you may run into Michael. He lives here.
        (Troy:) Oh, yeah, right. Michael. Michael. He's so mature... because he lets you navigate that entire relationship.Well, I'm sorry, Lelaina, but you can't navigate me. I might do mean things, and I might hurt you...and I might run away without your permission... and you might hate me forever. And I know that scares the s??t out of you... because I'm the only real thing that you have.


5. In our twenties, we have this liberty of finding our own identity and what we like to do with our career. This film can give you a lot of examples. Vickie though  not good in relationship and probably contracted A.I.D.S. but it comes to her work, she's really committed.

Lelaina Pierce: Hey, Sammy, what's your goal? 
Sammy: My goal is... I'd like a career or something. 

Lelaina Pierce: All right, fine. You wanna be in a band? Fine. Go ahead. Play every night. Play three times a night! Don't just d??k around the same coffee house for five years. Don't d??k around with her or with me. I mean, try at something for once in your life. Do something about it, but you know what? You better do it now, and you better do it fast, because the world doesn't owe you any favors.
source: IMDB



There are times that I encounter lines like " the most difficult part in this industry is to be yourself." It's true in most cases and in most fields. If you want to blend in, you must follow others system and almost forget your own identity.  I mean it could be, their identity is your identity.

And it's also so radical that you always prove yourself even if you don't have yet valid proof of your achievement or reputation.  It's really  hard to please every body, right?! So I guess the good steps are just do what you think is right and be open minded. In every challenges you take, it's who you are that acting. 

I remember when I had a chance to talk with my male classmate in high school (two years ago) on why he broke up with my friend (an honor student). He said, he talked with her mother about their relationship that time. The mother disapproved their relationship because of him.  Then he decided to break up with her right away. He said what he could do, he was considered bad person/student then. It was like he's gonna ruin her future.

Guess what? This former male classmate of mine now holds high position in an international mobile phone company.  He didn't end up with my friend but he found motivation to prove his capability.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Confession of a Shopaholic

I don’t know about the book where it was based, but Confession of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher is a feel-good kind of movie.  I love the bright colors of the outfits and set designs that are helpful to make Rebecca Bloomhood (Fisher) shines like no other. Though you'll hate to become a shop maniac like her, you’ll love Rebecca's spontaneous and charming personality.
      When it was shown in theater in 2009, I wasn’t excited to watch it. I was one of those who thought that it’s all about shopping. You know what to expect it in the plot.  And after three years, here I am, shopped all the beautiful features of this movie. What are they?
·                Since I’m a lady,  I confessed I think I’m in love with Luke Brandon played by Hugh Dancy.  Well he’s the typical boss that you go gaga for.  What’s the best about him? He’s gentleman, principled, and absolutely good looking.  I don’t know Hugh Dancy before, but definitely I’ll associate him with Luke, my ideal man, next to Marc Darcy of Bridget Jone’s Diary.
·                Apart from ridding the compulsive buying disorder, the movie also discussed the world of magazine and newspaper if not journalism.  You’ll see how stiff the competition in this field and the world behind the glamour and prestige.  Although of course there are parts that happen only in imagination. 
·                I also like how Bloomwood tried her luck in becoming a financial advisor in her column.  It’s a challenge since she’s shopaholic but she hilariously overwhelmed the odds since she’s good in writing and giving advice.
·                  I don’t know ,but I can’t think of any wrong point in the film- from casting to cinematography. It’s not  that it is  the best movie ever but definitely it will not be a bad or so-so Hollywood film.   Its must have for those who like to watch chick flick.
                I’m far from being shopaholic but seeing someone who is addicted to buying or shopping is hard to understand if not acceptable. Of course there lucky individuals who can afford to buy. You can’t blame them if they can buy and you can’t. Period.
                The wrong about being shopaholic is the other bad traits that may come with it - like being greedy, lying, being in debt, wasting and unsatisfied.  If you just buy for the sake of buying and get the dress to throw it later without maximizing its purpose, you don’t know how to appreciate beauty. Rid it once and for all.
                In Confession of Shopaholic, I find it that the main character clouded her mind that shopping is the best medicine in her life and to solve her frustration.  See, it’s in the mind not in your whole being. The person that really helps you, whatever you disorder is, is only you.  You can seek others to help you but you must also help yourself. Know what’s important in your life, which are actually simple things that you don’t need to shop- like friendship and love.