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Thursday, February 14, 2013

While you are sleeping, awakes the romance in you

I was really young the first time that I watched While You Were Sleeping (1995) starring Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher, and Sandra Bullock. That time, Sandra was very adorable actress and Bill Pullman was so handsome for me. They were lovely couple on screen and they had inspiring story.

Now that I think I'm in the right age and can relate more to the story, I bought a copy of this film. I wanna feel what I felt before; especially that now, love is not like a fairy tale for me anymore.


 Who knows where Bill Pullman is right now? The last time that I checked his image in Google, he was already old. But that's life and thanks to this film I'll always remember him as Jack.  Jack was the brother of Peter (Gallagher), whom Lucy (Bullock) had crush and saved in the railway. Peter was a victim of rubbery and he fell in the railway.                           

The plot of the story is refreshing (particularly during it was premiered in theater). It is light to bear but still has the power to mesmerize you. Sandra's character is sympathetic knowing that she lives on her own after her parents died already. You know that she needs someone will accompany, love and complete her.

She got an opportunity to have that when Peter came to her life. Apart from that Peter thought that she was his fiancĂ©e, his family was also very warm and welcoming for her.  For someone like Lucy who was alone and lonely, it was a dream come true to be with him and them. But she's good one and Jack  doubted on her real intention.

Here, I like Sandra's acting but not the way she looks on the screen. I don't know if that time it was a trend that she had to wear loose outfits. It was as if she borrowed her auntie's clothes. Besides it’s so overdo to show how pathetic she was.

But I like her outfit when she attended Christmas party of Peter's family and in their wedding ceremony. Those were very simple and at least a little bit consistent to her character.

Actually, Sandra is good in romantic comedy, another evident of it is the success of The Proposal (her box office film with Ryan Reynolds) and Ms. Congeniality ( Benjamin Bratt). Although, I think some part of The Proposal is similar to While You Were Sleeping particularly that wedding scene where Sandra waited the wedding day to happen to say that she didn't want to marry the guy.

But in While You Were Sleeping, the presence of Bill Pullman made the difference. His character and attractive features. You know that he looks rugged but he his gentleman and romantic.  Their love story was cheesy but we know it could happen in real life minus that too good to be true characters of supporting cast. But who knows, there are people who are like that.


Today is Valentine's Day and like the Philippine Senator Miriam Santiago said it could be Single awareness day, Single Independence Day or just Thursday. Being single in special occasion like this and on Christmas made single women/ men  pathetic people.

But more than an issue, people should know the story of every person like Lucy's case. Being single could be a choice for someone but also not a choice for some. Everyone needs and desires true love. But, love is something that you don't know when and how will happen to any person. 

Well we just hope we're not sleeping when our real love comes. Happy Valentine's Day!