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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars the film...awe-inspiring

After seeing movie adaptations of local novels ( Ang Diary ng Panget and ABNKKBSNPLaKo), I ended up joining my friends and former office-mates watching The Fault in Our Stars in SM North, Edsa. And unlike them, I didn't cry but I agree that this story is awe-inspiring and and must see movie for all people.

So I saw the Novel

I'm not aware of the book and I think I  wouldn't  read it even I saw it in local bookstores. Why?  Because generally, I'm not fond of reading novels ( though I read Little Women, Mga Ibong Mandaragit, and  The Alchemist- cover to cover) and exposing my self to sad stories. I think I have enough real dramas in life, plus cancer is a medical thing you have to study carefully..

Author John  Green, however put this issue as casual as possible without giving you false hope that something kryptonite will save your day from cancer. Instead he shows characters with illness who act like any of us. They have same aspirations, goodness, and silliness compare to normal teenagers - it's just that they need to embrace the reality that anytime they are going to die.

The Fault In our Stars (the film) is directed by Josh Boone and its screenplay is written by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber.

Cherish your Forever

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort  are the lead actors of this film who are actually acted as siblings in another movie based on novel  Divergent. I didn't see that so perhaps without comparison I appreciate their acting here.  I can't point out any inappropriate scenes of them, I just simply  accept how they embodied Hazel Grace Lancaster , a 16-year old girl who has thyroid cancer and always bring her portable  oxygen tank and Augustus Waters, a 17-year old boy who got osteosarcoma.

Woodley is very natural in the way she moves that you'll not be annoy in that line of oxygen on her face.  I like her hairdo and eyes by the way.  Elgort is also amazing especially with his contagious smile.  Nat Wolff , who plays Isaac, the one who becomes blind because of tumors in his eyes, is also  funny in the film.   The other supporting cast are also amazing especially Hazel's parents portrayed by Laura Dern and Sam  Tramwell ( shape shifter Sam of True Blood), Lotte Verbeek and  Willem Dafoe ( Green Goblin of Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire), who portrays

My top favorite parts of the film

The pre-funeral practice. I like Hazel's large and small infinities message.  It's the main message of the film for me because in this world you really don't know exactly how long is forever.  You may meet a person for one day but you'll cherish him forever.

Visit to Amsterdam. I feel the pain of Mrs.  Lancaster when she's happy seeing your dying kid's excitement , only to  to feel sorry at the end of conversation because you cannot afford it. Gee, I'm not a mother yet but I want to cry in that scene. It as if  this your only chance to give her happiness but you can't grant it.

 Great disappointment of a fan -  Perhaps you can't even spell "disappointment" after all your years, sacrifices and supports you've gathered turn into nothing when you see  your favorite person is not even pretending enjoying your company. Good thing there's no picture of Peter Van Houten to all  successful writers I met such Gina Marissa Tagasa-Gil, Bibeth Ortesa, RJ Nuevas, Suzette Doctolero,  Jasyon Lo, Roy Iglesia, Virgilo Almario and others.

and Hopefully Ariel Lin, Jang Nara,  Bae Yong Joon , Jericho Rosales, Sharon Cuneta and Lea Salonga will not feel me bad when I meet them in person.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man…younger and matured

               Before I go gaga over Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.), mesmerized by Captain America (Chris Evans), and allured by Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), I’m so addicted to Spider-Man series top billed by Tobey Maguire. It was one of the films that I religiously watched in theaters (others were Harry Potter, Kill Bill, X Men Charlie’s Angels etc).  
          Spider-Man (and Harry Potter) made Maguire (and Daniel Radcliffe) so appealing to me and changed my perspective about geek men who wear eyeglasses. It’s not because they are ideal man for me (because not all men are handsome or have traits like what Peter Parker, Harry Potter or my ultimate crush Bae Yong Joon) but it just I find them interesting since most people have common impressions about them such as weak, bookworm, loner, and boring.

    A friend asked me which one I prefer, Maguire’s Spidey (MS)-directed by Sam Raimi or The Amazing Spider-Man (TAS) starring Andrew Garfield and directed by Marc Webb? What I told him was I like Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man because he was a romantic superhero and his version was appealing to girls. However, this new version is also special for its more intellectual and targeting male market.

Let me clear and expound my statement:
  •  I change my sentiment that MS’ main target was mostly female audience. This is because my memory reminded me that I had male friends who were also into MS. Maybe apart from script, acting, effects, musical score, I was also hooked on Parker’s love life. Hello Mary Jane Watson (played by Kirsten Dunst)!

TAS has share of romantic scenes as well. In fact in real life, I like both Garfield (Peter Parker), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) and their relationship. The thing is in TAS they offered so many things apart from adventure and romance as it also tackles science, parenthood, responsibility etc.

  • I think what’s appealing in TAS is how it explain things in most realistic way possible. Though of course,  it is impossible to transform human into giant lizard (how about dinosaur or Ultraman –just kidding).  It feels like when you understand what they are saying about science, you are cool.
  •  Garfield is handsome than Maguire for me (especially in The Social Network) but I don’t know why I still like the latter than him as Peter Parker. Is it because of the body? Is it because he’s voice is softer than him that sometime I don’t know exactly what’s he’s talking about? Is it because he’s Spidey looks weaker? Or Garfield’s attack is very serious.
  •  TAS is also more dramatic than MS. It has strength to warm your heart especially in Uncle Ben’s (played by Martin Sheen) parts. Garfield was very good in those scenes. You can feel his guilt and you understand why he becomes rebellious. And unlike to villains in MS, Dr.  Curt Connor or the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) is kinder. But so far I still choose Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn a.k.a Green Goblin  as the most effective among Spider-Man's villains in the big screen!
  •  But I think TAS is less cheesy, answer more questions about Peter Parker’s background and I like his girlfriend. Though MS is uncomplicated and easy to grasp for plain-Jane like me.

        Last July 17 was my Daddy’s 78th birthday… if he’s alive (he died when I was 8 years old).  I can relate to Peter, in that sense, that maybe we both desire to see our biological fathers but can’t.  Good thing, he had Uncle Ben while I have brothers and uncles who serve as my guardians. But you know there’s always what if question. What if he’s still alive? Do I have different or better life right now? Am I stronger or complete?

Maybe that’s why …

·         I commend men who are good fathers (yes, even gays can be good fathers too). I think it is hard to be a parent when you have choice to walk away with your responsibilities.
·         I really like talking and I’m inclined to fall in love with older men  (when I was in grade 3, I had male best friend/confidant who was in college that time. Then when I was in grade 5, I had 20 plus years old male buddy).
·         I think I had identity crisis when I was in high school
·         There’s certain wall  or awkwardness in my part when I’m relating to men (it takes time for me to fully immerse)
  •  I can be man hater and boyish (not lesbian-excuse me!) at the same time  
  •  I don’t believe in fairy tales and everything is  as easy as we think.

However, your weakness or misfortune can be your motivation also to get better or to do heroic deeds. When you finally see the bright sides, you’ll be grateful and definitely will have an amazing individuality!