Wednesday, March 5, 2014

AbnkkabsnplaKO the & reflection

So far what I already read among Bob Ong’s books are ABNKKBSNPLAko and Lumayo ka nga sa akin. I’m neither a fan nor hater of him, but I recognize his power to Filipino readers which is commendable simply because not all Filipino (especially youth) are engrossed to reading.  So when I learned that Viva Films has movie adaptation of his book and it's top billed by Jericho Rosales, I swear that I should not miss this flick.

Interpretation: Unique work of Art

It was only in the movie house that film is directed by Mark Meily, one of the very few local directors that I like.  And for the nth time he didn't disappoint me in how he shares his vision in this film.  The cinematography is fine, the actors know their characters and the effects blend well in the  aura of what novels trying to visualize.

The truth is Bob Ong’s books are not fit for the big screen because they are satiric and too weird for general moviegoers. But if you can relate in the characters of the movie/ novel—I mean you are part of Bagets generation, reminiscing your school days and there’s Roberto ( Echo), Portia (Meg Imperial),   Yulo (Vandolph), and Special Someone (Andi Eigenmann) in you – this film is a must see for you.

Jericho acts naturally, Andi shines specially

I like Jericho as an actor, he’s talent shines when he’s into intense scenes.  In ABNKKBSNPLaKO, there’s no really intense sense like action or heavy drama. In fact, you can say that this piece is more of a feel good one.  But somehow he manages to make it appeals naturally intense so you’ll laugh when he did mistakes, feel sad when Special someone (SS) goes away or worried if he disappoints his doting mother (played by Bing Pimentel).

Between Portia and SS, I can relate to first. I’m not lesbian, but I think every girl has similar Portia experience – yes I’m talking about that first move for your first love/ crush. Meg acting is not so impressive for me because it looks like a little bit overacting in some scenes. I think she’s a good actress but being a lesbian doesn't suits to her. Vandolph, on the other hand, is simply Vandolph in the film.  He just called Yulo there.   About Andi, it is my first time to see her as special as someone you treat as Campus Crush ng Bayan.


One of the many things that this film wants you to learn is about valuing your time and the time of other people. It’s literally but nicely executed in the scene when Bob was late in his class and caught by his professor (played by Gino Padilla).

But generally, it this flick is for all students. Reminding them to cherish their education and the experience they will get from school. It is simply valuable for personality development. 

Bride for's Kim Again

After the success of Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush mo, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are back on big screen through their new romantic comedy film Bride for Rent.

Plot that's not new

Without mentioning any movie as an example, the story of Bride for Rent is definitely not new. Welcome the famous cliche of Rich boy meets poor girl and the need of hiring a woman to pretend as a wife.

Perhaps, if it's other love team and Star Cinema had no persuasive trailer I'll not bother to watch it.  Another factor is Kim and Xian's charisma.

Now if you look for something new, don't bother to line up in the nearest or fartest cinema in you- you'll 200 pesos can be use in something useful.

Kim strikes again

Kim and comedian-book author Ramon Bautista saved whatever flaws the movie got. Here, Kim  did give big contribution to make the  whole film working. She did slapstick and passable over acting spiels. But effective and selling especially if you like her. I do by the way. With Xian,  I can't feel something special or any greatness in his acting. He's just become lovelier because of his looks ( though I hate his hairdo) but acting wise no improvement.  Okay once in while he shouts, throw tantrums or stares.

I commend Pilita Corales (Lala of Xian) because she has super special role here like Empoy( bff of Xian).  The rest of the cast including Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans , Lloyd Zaragoza and others are just fine.


The angst of  Roco (Xian's character) boils down to deep disappointment. And it's true that the one that can hurts you most is also the one that you love the most.

I's really difficult to forgive- not only because of wrongdoings but also if the person is someone that is close to your heart.  Well,  life is a roller coaster ride.  We can't expect everyone acts in the same straight line in any situation.  We can't stop to yell, close our eyes or cry. So better to love, care, feel lost and learn to forgive.          


Monday, September 16, 2013

Bakit Hindi ka Crush Ng Crush MO...It's Kim

My sister has a huge crush on Xian Lim and I'm curious with Ramon Bautista's wit and novel writing skill so we ended up watching this film adaptation of Tagalog book Bakit  Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo. By the way, Kim Chiu is very daringly cute here.


It is no surprise that Kim who  made this film successful in box office because of her unquestionable popularity. You may contest on her acting prowess but still she's the one that moviegoers buying. For me,  she met the expectation of Star Cinema and the character that she portrayed  Sandy Veloso. Sandy is a typical lass who's laughing subject in the many because of her pathetic love life, image and weak disposition though she's very good and dedicated to her job.

In some point, Kim was over acting and yet, you would tolerate her because actually she's trying to be  funny as much as she could. If I'm going to rate her, She made me laugh 7 times out of 10 tries. what commendable of her acting  in this film, she looked very believable. You'll assume that she's also like that  in real life.

Xian is Heartthrob in all angle and he made me giggle when he embraced Kim while playing guitar. You'll feel that he's into Kim but other than the  tweetums or romantic side, Xian needs to enhance more his acting. there's scene that so pale and it seemed he just throwing his lines. Even in highlight scene such as he ranted against his lolo, played by Freddie Webb,  I felt something was lacking.

As a third wheel, occasional extra and visible adviser  Ramon Bautista managed  to steal some scenes from  Kim and  Xian Lim. And it's nice that his part of giving advice was smoothly inserted in the flow of the  story.

If you're looking light funny romantic film watch this movie. if you need some advice about your love life and your question is the same with  title of this flick that also featured Mylene Dizon, Angeline Quinto, Tonton Gutierrez, and Kean Cipriano, go! Just don't put a lot of expectation  like it's super romantic.


I asked myself, if this question is applicable on me. The answer is no.  I think most of my crushes have crush on me as well,  but they didn't court me. hehehe! So if there's such thing as friendzone, me, I stay the object of admiration but they don't love. sound like pathetic too, sad! hehehe!

I agree with Ramon's suggestion and comments. Most of them are true and happened on girls. he has line telling Daig ng Malandi ang maganda ( Flirts beat beautiful ladies), which knock my heart. Yeah perhaps that's the factor lacking in me, I don't know how to flirt, to express my self and to express my emotion. In fact, there's a man in our neighborhood that I think fits with me and perhaps, I have crush on him that I just ignore in the past. When I finally, realized and ready to open up, he eventually went far away.

So here's the thing that I realized from the movie that I'll apply in my love life.

  • I have to play the game
  • approachable or sociable
  • Be myself all the time
  • be open to express my thought
why I'm not telling that I'll change my image or fashion too like Sandy Veloso, I still can't see that I need to do that. Let's see if there's a man that  will make me change from what I'm right now.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lost In Time, Back with a Vengeance

Wow my last entry in this blog  was posted last May, I must be busy or lazy for some reason. Yeah, I'm sort of  focusing my energy in particular sites that  I  invested that even watching movies is a something I miss too.  But actually,   I watch films in theater with my sister.

So in coming days or later I'll begin to post my reviews and reflections in the following movies

Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush mo- starring Kim Chiu, Xian Lim and  Ramon Bautista.

Man of Steel - starring very manly Henry Cavil, Amy Adams, Russelle Crowe, my former crush Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane.

Wolverine -  top billed by Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, and Will Yun Lee

and my other classic favorite films

Kill Bill - Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu

Bridget Jone's Diary - Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Rene Zellwegar

Watch List items

One day - Anne Hathaway, gorgeous Jim Sturgess, Romola Garai, and Patricia Clarkson

The Avengers - Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner

Drive - Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Christina Hendricks

Hansel & Gretel: The Witch Hunters - Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton and Famke Janssen

Well , hopefully I can write them all and remember other movies that serve as my prime entertainment when I'm bored and down.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man 3...Tony is RDJ

Initially, I'm not open in the idea that Iron Man would be successful movie. I didn't know Robert Downey Jr. and he looked old for a superhero role.  But everything changed when a friend of mine let me watched the first sequel of this Hollywood flick. 

There I finally appreciate RDJ as Tony Stark. The character was well-established, elaborate and absolutely, interesting. He might be super rich and super genius, but you could relate with his antics.  He was frank, playboy, business minded and self-centered.


Though I prefer the storyline of part 1 and 2, Iron man 3 is good too. I like the idea that Pepper(Gwyneth Paltrow) has the chance to have extra power other than her usual influence to Tony.  Apart from that, it is also better that  there's no big emphasize in jealousy or forming love triangle. It just enough to give extra love factor but still the basic foundation is revenge.

What I don't like in the story is the conflict- machine versus super human strength. It's not equal for me. But then that's the catch, a powerful machine versus super human strength. And it takes many Iron Man robot to defeat that main villain - Aldrich Killian ( Guy Pearce) .

And though it's sort of cheesy, the kid ( Ty Sympkins) there plays significant role. Instilling the value of being simple, humble, pure and passionate. If not because of this child, may be Tony lost his purpose and succumb to anxiety attack.

It also funny that there are bloopers in between and some technical glitches. It provides the feel that Tony is like anyone- smart but clumsy, rich but in mess. 

Tony stark's ex girl friend (Rebeca Hall) gives an idea that bitterness and greed can't help you to find peace and genuine happiness because in the end, she finds her self slave of someone's power. Good thing, she also regrets and understands everything before she bids goodbye.

The main villain - Aldrich is also cool in such a way that from being an ambitious geek and fan of Tony, he's able to step up and fight him. Yes he's a perfect example of a man that has empowered actions but with right motivation. It could have been good if he just aspire to beat Tony Spark in terms of business and invention. But unfortunately, he resorts to self-destruction.

That scary tv terrorist is annoying.(period) 

Action scenes are overwhelming so as the effects. Having many robots may give 'wow' factor but it also overshadowed small details. Anyway, since this flick is science fiction and superhero plus all about Tony Stark what we can expect. 
Overall, the time and money that I spend to watch this film is worth it. Tony Stark alone is actually enough but having cool visual effects, romantic  ingredient and much of moral values this is movie is like mouthwatering clubhouse with refreshing iced tea.


Of course, most of the actions of Tony Stark are not acceptable as values. But in this particular sequel, audience will learn that wrong moves produce monsters.

In life, because of our aspiration for something big we also find ourselves lost. We forget our main goals and neglect important people. The good becomes bad and the right turns wrong. Then everything falls and wasted. Being humble is the key and being with people that will be your support system.     

Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Takes A Man and A Woman...It's the Tandem

There's a long gap between the last movie the I watched  and It Takes A Man And A Woman. It may be that's the added factor why I exert effort to watch this movie in the big screen.  But  I guess, the major element why  I like this third installment of movie series of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo was because their movie and tandem exuded sunny aura. It's like if you're stressed, just watch them.


Nowadays, John Lloyd is the favorite leading men for young actresses. He had movies with Bea Alonzo ( One More Chance, Miss You Like Crazy and The Mistress), Toni Gonzaga ( My Amnesia Girl) and Angel Locsin ( Unofficially Yours) that were box office hits. I wonder what if he paired with Marian Rivera and Anne Curtis.  But it seems so far, his  team up with Sarah is what people clamors and I can't contest to that.
one more chance with Bea Alonzo
my Amnesia Girl with Toni Gonzaga
Unofficially Yours

The difference among It Takes..., You Change My Life and A Very Special Love, is that in It Takes   Sarah showed maturity in her role as Laida Magtalas and her acting while in the first two installments, you would like her because of her comedic timing. See her dialogue with John Lloyd in the elevator after she submitted her resignation letter and tell me what's your verdict.

Zoila and Company ( Matet De Leon, Gio Alvarez and Joross Gamboa) is also the staple ingredient of this movie franchise.  Actually, they can feat against  John Lloyd and Sarah when it comes to spiels.  I also like the idea that the older siblings of Miggy Montenegro (JLC) - Rowell Santiago, Johnny Revilla and Bing Pimentel- had longer exposure and at the same time showed their other sides. They even danced in this movie,huh!

If you're looking for JLC's deep acting scene then I recommend the one after he was kick out from the board and Laida found him in his father's mausoleum. But the best scenes in the movie that gave moral values were:
1. Laida's Mother ( Irma Adlawan) gave her advice about forgiveness
2. The taped video of Miggy's late father ( Dante Rivero)  where he explained the difference between being best and being good.

There were part of the movie that I found cheesy and unbelievable, like Laida being the cover story of new magazine. Well anyway, Laida is inspirational woman so that's fine.


One crucial problem that Laida encountered was when her father cheated on her mother. Her mother even went to her in New York. But surprisingly, Mrs. Magtalas forgave his father.  I agree that forgiving is difficult to do. Sometimes it's harder than loving someone. Hello there's love at first sight but not forgiveness at first glance.

But like happiness, a person can also choose to forgive. Sometimes, its not about ego, emotion or logic but just giving it to end a concern. Forgiveness was my dilemma too before, when my elder sister and I had rift that lasted 7 years. I was so sick and tired of her superiority complex, mood and unacceptable words that time. To tell, you those 7 years, felt like I had burden in my back that I'm always in the mode to fight and to feel less. I wished to end the rift but I couldn't claim defeat. Because I couldn't think of any bad things that I did to hurt her  in that one dark night.

But with people around us and may be because of our maturity, we just learn to let go the ill feeling. I wished I could castigate her before, but I preferred to keep silent in the end. Just to patch up whatever differences we had.  To this date, we're okay and chitchat once in a while.

In the end, what I can say forgiveness will set you free and will  make you totally move on with your life. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Song...I wish Miley did sing

I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but lately I appreciate her individuality. It is rare for a young girl who is real in her self and keep her sanity even if  she is exposed to fame, fortune, fans and all. I started to like her musicality when I heard her song The Climb. Maybe I should try to watch Hannah Montana to know her more after my Last Song review.


It's very plain and typical story that was my reaction all throughout of watching Last Song starring Miley, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, and Bobby Coleman. I really wished that she sang a lot in this film but she wasn't.

Though it  has typical story, boring screenplay and not impressive acting (beside Coleman who played Jonah), Last Song made me smile. It might be because of the thought that this was where Miley and Liam met or I just felt their young love right away.

Maybe its also because Miley was so natural in her character. I like her outfits even she looked stressful ( well because its a call for her character). She pouted he mouth, she let her hair down or up and she walked like no one was looking. It may not add to overall impact of the movie but it was cool act though.

If I watched this film when I was young, Last Song  could be nice. There were parent factor, little brother, girls who were after your beau, unsolicited admire, and hot loving sincere boyfriend. The thing is we already saw a lot of story  and characters like these in other films. So if you like, new kind of story about rebellious  teen girl better find something else. But if you like to just see Miley and Liam, this is good one.

By the way, I like their setting in the big aquarium.


Last Song tells about a young girl reconnecting to her father who she hated for leaving their family. Her parents separated because of their own differences, but they remain good to each other and parents. Ronnie (Miley) is like any girl out there who resort to pushing people away from her. She's in pain so don't mess with her. It should be everyone must follow her mood, decision and principle.

Though  its a must for human relation to understand each other, but being good starts in our self. You can't expect everything is gonna be good if you don't. It's reciprocal treatment especially if people around you are strangers and not your family. You can't blame others for not understanding you since you are showing your bad side. 

I understand that everyone can be rebellious  in some points but generally, being like this is practically unacceptable. It's like you are digging you own hole to fall. The best way is confront the people to express your emotion and so they know exactly what's running in your mind. If you can't do this at least find people who can help you, people who are good influence and will guide to heal your wound. Because if you let your wound stay there, the next thing you'll know you are on the way to your own self-destruction.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Moving Pictures...Inspiring Post

Due to time problem and lot of endeavors, I juts realized that it was more than a month since I blog about  movies.

Besides updating blog, I also having hard time to watch movies. I need to allot my time in other personal things. But you know, watching movies is like listening to music for me. if you don't have it's like life is colorless.

Even I'm  stress and concentrating in other stuff. I'll never stop watching movies because it moves me, inspire me and motivate me.

I hope I'll find  time to blog about Hugo, The Perks of Being Wallflower and other movies that moves me to strive harder for writing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

While you are sleeping, awakes the romance in you

I was really young the first time that I watched While You Were Sleeping (1995) starring Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher, and Sandra Bullock. That time, Sandra was very adorable actress and Bill Pullman was so handsome for me. They were lovely couple on screen and they had inspiring story.

Now that I think I'm in the right age and can relate more to the story, I bought a copy of this film. I wanna feel what I felt before; especially that now, love is not like a fairy tale for me anymore.


 Who knows where Bill Pullman is right now? The last time that I checked his image in Google, he was already old. But that's life and thanks to this film I'll always remember him as Jack.  Jack was the brother of Peter (Gallagher), whom Lucy (Bullock) had crush and saved in the railway. Peter was a victim of rubbery and he fell in the railway.                           

The plot of the story is refreshing (particularly during it was premiered in theater). It is light to bear but still has the power to mesmerize you. Sandra's character is sympathetic knowing that she lives on her own after her parents died already. You know that she needs someone will accompany, love and complete her.

She got an opportunity to have that when Peter came to her life. Apart from that Peter thought that she was his fiancĂ©e, his family was also very warm and welcoming for her.  For someone like Lucy who was alone and lonely, it was a dream come true to be with him and them. But she's good one and Jack  doubted on her real intention.

Here, I like Sandra's acting but not the way she looks on the screen. I don't know if that time it was a trend that she had to wear loose outfits. It was as if she borrowed her auntie's clothes. Besides it’s so overdo to show how pathetic she was.

But I like her outfit when she attended Christmas party of Peter's family and in their wedding ceremony. Those were very simple and at least a little bit consistent to her character.

Actually, Sandra is good in romantic comedy, another evident of it is the success of The Proposal (her box office film with Ryan Reynolds) and Ms. Congeniality ( Benjamin Bratt). Although, I think some part of The Proposal is similar to While You Were Sleeping particularly that wedding scene where Sandra waited the wedding day to happen to say that she didn't want to marry the guy.

But in While You Were Sleeping, the presence of Bill Pullman made the difference. His character and attractive features. You know that he looks rugged but he his gentleman and romantic.  Their love story was cheesy but we know it could happen in real life minus that too good to be true characters of supporting cast. But who knows, there are people who are like that.


Today is Valentine's Day and like the Philippine Senator Miriam Santiago said it could be Single awareness day, Single Independence Day or just Thursday. Being single in special occasion like this and on Christmas made single women/ men  pathetic people.

But more than an issue, people should know the story of every person like Lucy's case. Being single could be a choice for someone but also not a choice for some. Everyone needs and desires true love. But, love is something that you don't know when and how will happen to any person. 

Well we just hope we're not sleeping when our real love comes. Happy Valentine's Day!  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wonderful Radio...impressive storyline

I like to work in AM and FM radio station. I wanna be an agent for people to learn latest information, inspirational stories and know compelling music. Fortunately, I experienced it once  and I can say it's not glamorous or easy job. But if you really like radio production you would say "Wonderful Radio career."


Initially, you will think that Korean movie Wonderful Radio is just  another romantic-comedy film. It's top billed by Lee Min Jung ( Boys Over  Flowers & Big) and Lee Jeong -Jin (April Kiss & Love Story in Harvard).

It has comedy because of the witty personality of Shin Jin-ah ( Lee Min Jung). You would think that she's easy go lucky person who gets her slot in the radio station because she was part of popular girl band Purple before. You find how hilarious she is when the new challenge in her disk jockeying career comes - Lee Jae-hyeok ( Lee Jeong-Jin) the new executive producer of her show Wonderful Radio. They clash on and off air.

 Learning who are the  people behind a radio show

You would understand what executive producer's job and at the same time the person who take this task.   All through out the movie, Jae-Hyeok is serious man and career-oriented. It is understandable why he hates  Jin-ah. But you will applause in his professionalism and how he relates to people.

On the other hand, the work of DJ is crucial for entire radio show. Jin-ah clearly shows little by little what's more in DJ that we usually know. I think this character is good example also for everyone who want to work as DJ or announcer. You don't only sit there, you have to know how to create interesting show by doing your home works.

Apart from executive producer, you would learn also the other  important  people in a radio production especially the host, station manager, scriptwriter, researcher and other staff.  They are softly explained  in the movie plus the significant  role of personal assistant / talent manager like Cha Dae-geun ( played by Lee Kwang-soo). The latter is wacky but touching  character.

It not all about on air talking

I expect that this movie will make me feel good because of the romance and the setting - radio , but I never thought that it also make me cry. There's part of it when people are telling their stories and will dedicate  songs for their special someone.  I cried when a young high school student say sorry and thank you to her step father who loves her as his own daughter. That's very touching! 

The challenging parts are how they gonna make Wonderful Radio a top rating one, how they gonna create special segment and what they defend their jobs against the big bosses.

But I think, the most challenging segment is when  Jin-ah axe in the show because of false accusation and politics. Good thing the film depicts that a  good and talented person will find a way to  bring back her glory.

Apart from clear characterization, interesting parts of movies,  and funny music. I commend the story line as a whole. It is enjoyable, heartwarming, and easy to grasp.  The very minor flaws that I sense in the film are  the boring start , forceful ending, overacting revenge and not enough chemistry between the major actors.


A few weeks ago, I resigned in my job that I considered my comfort zone for years. I have solid friends there, routine, and valuable work though most of the time unappreciated.

I feel sorry for letting down my pals and for being impractical since I didn't find new job first before moving out. But I’ll never regret my decision because though I’m  realistic (who tend to choose safe options), I’m ambitious too. My being dreamer is my asset and what makes me above ordinary.    

Like Shin Jin-ah, I can learn to think creatively and do extra home works for my job. I must feel that I’m passionate in what I’m doing because without it, I think I’m wasting my precious time.  I hate it when I’m in a situation that I keep on whining on things that I can’t do, I have many limitations, there’s no growth and I let other people to control me without giving me enough reason to follow them.

Work is work; yes it is important part of our lives. But we must think we can work in more than one company or you can do something else apart from what you are currently doing. I admit that I like to have better compensation but money is not only my motivation in my career and in my life.

I wish to do so many things because I don’t want to get old with one expertise. Call me jack of all trades and maybe lost in direction, but I know exactly which interests I’m willing to pursue and what’s my major aim in my life.

Shin Jin-ah is singer-composer too. After she was removed in her show as DJ, she tries to go back to her first love - music and new dawn comes to her life. I wish that happens to me soon.

In fact without the money issue, I like my journey now - job and business hunting mode. I meet new people, learning new industry, try new things that I'm probably good at and power up my skills. If I didn't resign, I may not experience these things. You know, experience is not only about having knowledge but developing your whole being.

Who knows, finally I can work in a radio station and while doing my other passions. God is good! I know He created me special. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

X Men: First Class... Mutant and Proud

Since I was in grade 3,I'm hooked already in X Men  specifically the cartoon series that was shown  every Friday night that time. I would like to be Storm and I'm fond of Cyclops though I didn't see how gorgeous his eyes. Then of course I also followed the live action film series of it that was started in 2000 where Hugh Jackman (Reel Steel) was Wolverine, Halle Berry was Storm, Anna Pacquin (True Blood) was Rogue, Patrick Stewart was Professor X, Famke Janssen (Taken) was Jean Grey and James Marssden was Cyclops.


In X Men: First Class (XFC) they set the time when X Men were just starting.  Professor X  or Charles Xavier is played by James McAvoy (Atonement and Wanted) and Michael Fassbender ( Prometheus) is the hunky Magneto or Erik Lensherr.   For me, this sequel is better than X Men Origins: Wolverine because it is emotionally appealing and you can see the goodness and hope though the  casts were put in danger. I'm not saying that the Wolverine movie sucks since Jackman was a total  action star there.

XFC also introduced some stars that I don't know before like Jennifer Laurence (Hunger Games)  Fassbender, and some characters too like Sebastian Shaw whom played by Kevin Bacon ( Footloose  and Hallow Man), Emma Frost of January Jones,  Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy or Beast of Nicholas Hoult ( Laurence current beau),  Angel Salvadore ( the butterfly with acidic saliva) of Zoe Kravitz, Banshee  ( ultrasonic scream) of Caleb Landry Jones.

I don't have any particular favorite character here (FYI: Storm and Rouge are my faves) but I understand that Charles, Erik and Sebastian are among the leads.  But one of the special parts of the movie was when Charles was helping Erik to control his power.  The latter used his anger to produce power but Charles was able to convince and  helped him to focus in something that was in between anger and serenity. Whatever it was.

In this movie also, you'll understand why Magneto had dark character. He had heartbreaking experience ever since some people realized his potential.  His reaction in all his adversities were realistic approach to that situation. He's very human in that area and it just happened he had special abilities to make revenges.

When it comes, to special effects I like when  the  young X Men were practicing in Charles' old mansion. Even when Mystique was keep on transforming from her human form to her mutant persona or vice versa. That's also a dramatic scene for me. You know, of all people that will shake your principle is the one who you thought will support and understand you.


Though there are things considered gifts, sometimes many kids suffer inferiority complex just because of the treatment they obtained from people around them. Let' see for  example a  kid that is taller than anyone else in the class.  It is automatic that kid is attention grabber but  to mock or giving him/her label that is degrading is not acceptable .  In the first place,  he has no control over his/her height. 

Let us not maltreat other because they are different to what we are ( like they have different religion, skin tone or accent). What's valuable in human race is how we should act as human being.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin...defines anime adaptation

Life size tarpaulin of the movie
Maybe this post is not a review but a little bit of promotion of Rurouni Kenshin, the live action adaptation film of same title manga or anime. In fact, to give way to this film I need to set aside my review and reflection for the movies X Men : First Class, While Your Were Sleeping ( Sandra Bullock), which I already write and Korean film Wonderful Radio.

Samurai X that I know 

I was college student  when Samurai X or Rurouni Kenshin (RK) was broadcast in the Philippines. At that time, I proved that I'm really into anime because I felt sad if I didn't get the chance to see this series even the episodes that were already replayed. I even wrote to my diary that I suffered depression, lol! 

One of the many reasons why I'm  addicted to this anime was because of the fantastic characterization of almost every persona in it. One character alone could create one episode because of the back story and his principle in life. And like action films, Rurouni Kenshin had amusing lines like the one I took as slogan of my life it is smarter to be luck than it is lucky to be smart. 

Kenshin Himura a.k.a Hitokiri Battousai ( Killer Wanderer) was maybe just an anime, but he was my crush especially during those days.

Battousai that I watch in the big screen

I think for the first time I bought a movie ticket so early before watching it, as in two weeks for RK. Well , I had this belief that SM Cinema will run it for limited time. Oh well I think, I'm wrong given the box office success of it.

The first element that I like in RK is  the heart pounding musical score. We  know that musical score can set the mood and what they play in the movie are really effective especially that RK is a epic movie.  The next is the fast sword fighting that I couldn't blink my eyes to catch everything. Amazingly, in that part they stick to what Samurai X is all about.

Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura is okay. His attack was not  overacting or underacting. Something similar to the original Kenshin that I know. Sato is not appealing to me physically but I commend he's flexibility in fighting scenes and versatility in drama made me to think he's Kenshin really. He has comedic timing, fearful aura, and sympathetic face.

Yosuke Eguchi as Saito Hajime is stunning. You know that he's not the lead star  but somehow you 'll treat him like that. The actor gracefully depicts the character in costume, in action and even in mannerism.

At first apart from his wacky look, I couldn't see Sanosuke Sagara in Munetaka Aoki . But from the part that he was helping Megumi Takani (played by Yu Aoi) and the rest in Kaoru Kamiya's  (played by Emi Takei) doju, I started to get excited about him. And the impressive part was when he's fighting with one of the  Kanryu Takeda  (Teruyuki Kagawa) man Banjin Inui (Genki Sudo) who is vegetarian. In some ways, Aoki is overacting but anyway that's what Sanosuke is for me.

Takei and Aoi  as Kaoru and Megumi are pretty and effective. You can see their femininity,  power and unique traits.  As Kaoru, at first you don't feel her attraction to Kenshin, it's more of concern ad curiosity in him. But when she feels jealous when Megumi is flirting with Kenshin and when she said to him that he's home,that's something beyond romantic.

Honestly, I forget about Udo Jine but Koji Kikkawa's portrayal that set aside who is playing because it is him who plants terror in the story and to us - the moviegoers. His eyes, his voice, and his killings are enough  reason to give value in him . 

The adaptation 

Just like what I'm always mention here the blog, I'm not fan of adaptation especially if the original one is the best already. In RK, their version is superb compare to other anime adaptations that I already saw be in  film or TV series. This Japanese film is not boring and typical, they conserve the ambiance of epic, culture, and drama. I hate those who make serious drama to comedy, to give a twist. I super like the idea that they didn't dub it in English, that's why you enjoy it the Japanese way.

And the actors may try to imitate the anime/ manga characters but they also have own input they're portrayal. So they are good models to future actors who will take role in adaptation film/ series.

What's in RK film is just few episodes in anime and so I'm looking forward to see sequels of it. I want to see how they going to adapt the parts of Shishio Makoto and Shogo Hamakusa.                

Kudos to people who create this film, i'm impressed as a fan.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The last bite of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2

Twilight Saga one of the few movie series that I’m able to watch in theaters from first to last part – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn part 1, and Breaking Dawn part 2.  Compare to other movie series I watched like Harry Potter, Kill Bill, and Spiderman, they become my favorite films but still I can say I was charmed by this saga and the stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke.


 If Twilight trapped me, Eclipse moved me and Breaking Dawn 1 met my expectation, Breaking Dawn 2 (BD2) satisfied my craving and tricked me as well. The latter didn't fail my fantasy though of course, not everything was perfect. (If you asked why I didn't include New Moon – it is because it’s the reason why I started to ask why I have to watch this movie)

Also in BD 2 Mr. Edward Cullen and Mrs. Bella Swan- Cullen ( Pattinson and Stewart) become more beautiful in my eyes. I don’t know if it’s in makeup or what, but they look amazing in this last installment. And though there’s undying intrigue about them because of the fling issue between Stewart and Rupert Sanders of Snow White and Huntsman, if you are so into them you’ll forget Bella and Edward’s alter egos.

whatever happened before BD2, I’m still convinced that Stewart is good actress if not amazing. You will not like her personality as whole but when she takes a role and act, you know she can deliver. There’s no magnificent scene of her in BD2 but she matures like Bella – being a wife and mother vampire.  Though it is hard for me to believe that Bella is good mother to Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy) knowing her being self-centered lass.  Anyway, maybe like her power to shield it is up to her who among she want to be part of her universe.

Speaking of her power, I was happy that her "shield power" can extend and protect to her loved ones. It was amazing thing against Jane’s (Dakota Fanning) power to perpetrate mental illusion of pain and also to others’ special talents. The only part that’s not appealing about her power was when Bella showed their past (scenes) to Edward. Mute-shield-protection- video clips what was that?

Edward is an ideal husband to any girls that’s the reason why his alter ego Pattinson captured many fans. Knowing this, you know that the actor is effective in his role from first to the last installment.  When it comes to physical, breeding and principle you wish he’s your spouse but as a man Edward is a little bit weak for me.   On the other hand, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is strong, striking and childish. But I guess, his character written to be in the shadow of Bella and Edward. And I'm not convinced with Lautner's acting and the way he showed  his love to Renesmee. It is not believable compare to Bella even there’s Imprinting issue in him.

Apart from the three main casts, I understand why Twilight fans also favored Alice (Ashley Greene), Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone), Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), but like what I said in the first paragraph I’m so into Charlie Swan (played by Billy Burke even in BD2.  Look who among the cast or what are the scenes that stands out when it comes to drama –

1.       Bella being the mother to Renesmee
2.       Alice’s wit to distract Aro ( Michael Sheen)
3.       Irina’s plea to Volturi and repentance

But if you scrap all those supernatural things, one part that will stand out is Charlie’s love for Bella as a father. His position is something unbearable especially if your daughter is Bella. LOL!

All in all the BD2 is cool in some special effects, scoring, twists and how it adapts the story from novel. I like what they did to convince Aro to stop he's harsh plan against Cullen’s league. It’s eerie at first but you appreciate later- that Alice’s vision. Now when it comes to that Renesme’s effects hmm I’m not fan of  but I can say that Foy is a cute girl.


        Going against to powerful individuals is really discouraging especially when you don’t have edge against them. Volturi being the authority to already extraordinary creatures is very frightening. But you know, even in that desperate situation you can’t hold back but to fight because you want to protect  your special someone or you want to stand for your right.

        Like David and Goliath story in the Bible, sometimes it’s not about size, background, popularity and other normal thing you see in the person, but it's  how far you can go and what power you can create out of your motivation.  For me wit is one strong weapon – it’s a gift that when you know how to maximize its potential, luck and success is almost in your hand.

Your emotion might fail you but don’t lose your wit and you’ll find way to achieve whatever you want. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tiktik: the Aswang Chronicles… a must see film for Filipinos

I’m not a fan of horror films in general but occasionally I get nerved to watch. Some of the recent horor flicks that I remember were 2005 Hollywood film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Thai films The Eye and Shutter, and Filipino movies Feng Shui and Sukob.

Someone told me that when it comes to horror, Asian filmmakers are good and I agree with him/ her as viewer. Among the horror films I watched my favorite were The Eye and Halimaw sa Banga (monster in a jar). In my opinion, there are lot of belief and superstition among Asian countries and apparently, it sill goes on and on. So in a sense it’s believable if you adapt those stories in a film.


Tiktik is a horrific creature similar to vampire. But compare to gorgeous vampires that we see in recent years they are creepy. Hello Edward Cullen” (Robert Pattinson of Twilight series), Celine (Kate Beckinsale of Underworld series) and Damon Salvatore or Klaus Mikaelson (Ian Sommerhalder and Joseph Morgan of Vampire Diaries)!

Close to what I imagined since I was a child, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles which top billed and co-produced by Dingdong Dantes, showcased the lifestyle of this creatures. In this movie directed by Erik Mati they can transform into animals like a pig, hide in the shadow, run faster and fly higher like a special kind of dinosaur.

Superb visual effects

What I like in the movie is first the special effects.  It breaks the record of early approaches of filmmakers. You maybe see this effect in Hollywood films but it is a first time for a Filipino film -  to shot on green screen chroma key. 

Then I like the characterization of Makoy (played by Dingdong), Sonia (Lovi Poe), Nestor (Joey Marquez), Fely ( Janice de Belen), Bart (Ramon Bautista). They depict typical Filipinos who are struggling in their own situation.  Although Bart is one of the  sources of comedy relief in the story, you can still sympathize with his stand and “red Lips.”

They are right that this film is comedy-horror,  but honestly I laugh a lot than to feel scared.  De belen, Marquez, Bautista and even that one big fat Tiktik were hilarious. And though it’s annoying sometimes but generally the appearance of endorsements in the film are funny.

Also here, Dingdong looks hot, really!  I watched some of his works from TGIS, Encantadia, Marimar, Kimmy Dora but I he’s not really appealing to me but in this film- okay hands down, he’s macho!   

Not so internationally appealing

Maybe the jokes and story of Tiktik sell to me but I think it has no international appeal. I wonder how the foreign audience’s reaction to cornick as tool to fight powerful tiktik. Remember that it takes a lot of salt and garlic (according to belief) to shoo them away Tiktik, what more to kill them in just a piece of cornick?

Although I can say that despite of the simplicity of the story, numerous endorsements and questionable actions of Tiktik, it’s a must see film for Filipinos and international audience.  Just try to see the creature with long tongues who we are scared of especially if there’s pregnant woman or newly born baby.


Lovi Poe’s character Sonia is a representation of Filipina or women who goes back to her parents’ home because failure- Failure to fulfill her dream in the city and failure in love.  Rina Reyes’s character (the neighbor who owns factory of salt) is an example of someone who mocks others because of their mistakes.  Her rationale is Fely (Sonia’s mother) is very boastful to them because of Sonia’s achievement being the only professional (she’s a teacher) in their town.

I know many women who like Sonia – who forget their dreams because of love and out of wedlock got pregnant. I’m proud of those find way to solve their problems and able to stand up again. I’m happy to those who ended up with the father of their kids and live as one family. And I’m very sad for women who left behind and struggling to stand up.

The ugly truth, there are only few men now who are man enough to be responsible in their obligations. Okay let’s say that love fades away between the couple but the baby, you can’t rid it as if it’s just like a doll.  The romantic part of Tiktik: Aswang Chronicles is Makoy follows Sonia in her province because he loves her and learns to be responsible partner and soon-to-be father.  I hope many men like Makoy will realize how women bear the pain, judgment and obligation when they have to raise their kids on their own.

And I wish those who like Sonia, will able to stand up again. If you fail to find love and partner in life, at least you have grace and chance to be a champion in terms of motherhood. I think being the mother is the true essence of being a woman.  
because of this I rember the I Dreamed a Dream from the play Les Miserables which has movie adaptation that will premier in December. This Anne Hattaway will take the role of Fantine.